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Why should you survive alone against villains ? 

Create allies to help you build your town and conquer the world. 

But beware, for nights are dark and ancient evils will come for you.


  • Have sex with your allies to create units
  • Gather resources to create buildings
  • Use the Skilltree to choose your strategy
  • Each night, fight  waves of enemies
  • Explore a procedural map and dungeon
  • Customize you character
  • Collect books to discover the lore and unlock passive skills
  • Original soundtrack

Future updates

  • A secret area & its boss
  • More musics
  • More statues with magic effects
  • More sexy NPCs
  • New species and their skilltrees: tigers and rats


I'm a  lonely french baguette doing furry games and illustrations, hoping you'll enjoy Daggan and have a lot of fun!

Minimum requirements

Operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+) , Windows 10 and Windows 11
CPUx86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.
Graphics APIDX10, DX11, DX12 capable.
Additional requirementsHardware vendor officially supported drivers


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Daggan_012_PC.zip 56 MB

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are the patreon and itch version the same and get updated at the same time


would you make a sfw version, or add a sfw setting? the game seems realy fun, but i wanna play for the game itself and not, yk, furry sex

It’s not a sex game. Sex is just part of the gameplay. And yes there is a sfw mode to hide sex animations.


Malerouille is this meant to be a management sim or a tower defense game? You're doing a bit of both and I think you're going to have to sacrifice one for the other in order to proceed with adding depth to the game's mechanics. Tower defense is a strategy game and to facilitate the player being strategic they need to have very precise control, they need to be very sure of the outcome of their actions. Consequently these games tend to be highly abstract in order to reduce the cognitive load on the player, to let them focus on winning the game through strategy. Hence why in most tower defense games allies are either automatic turrets that you don't control you just place them, or just fodder you constantly stream into a meat grinder. In either case you don't give them orders or personally interact with them, you haven't got the time, you need to focus on what the enemy's doing how to counter it. Whereas in a management sim the focus is on the characters and dealing with their individuality, think Rimworld, you still have to fend off enemies but being raided is only 10% of the experience. 90% of your time is spent keeping your colonists fed, happy, healthy, entertained, choosing what to research and craft, deciding who to assign to what task, etc. Obviously Daggan isn't Rimworld but I think what's unique about Daggan is that you can breed your allies which could be really interesting to explore and I think it ought to be explored because breeding them makes the player immediately invested in them as characters. This isn't just cannon fodder #7 this is my son and that's my daughter and this is my wife and as the mayor of the town it behooves me to pay close attention to the local gene pool and to assess passing travelers for useful traits to add to it. In summary I want you to ask yourself this: Is this a game about fighting or fucking? Because you can have both but you need to pick your priority.

I cant download it.

It keeps saying either file not found or interrupted: download error can someone please tell me how to fix this.

Sadly it's probably an issue with your web browser or your internet connexion.

Ok, thanks for replying I've been trying to fix this all day

Is Corn the Pious final boss or is there gonna be another after him in future update.

It's the end boss for this level. I plan to add two more maps and a secret boss hidden somewhere in the game.

how much sexual content would you say there is? like out of 100% of game? out of curiosity

I say it’s equally: base building, fighting, exploration, sex 

Art pack is no longer available, is art work now exclusive to patreon.

Oh I can put it back I guess, I’ll check if I can add new stuff in it before UwU 

(1 edit)

Ray tracing support in future?.

No, that would be an insane waste of effort and time for a fancy and useless visual effect. UwU

Safe for Work  setting shows you npc genitals.

It’s not porn, just mature visuals UwU 

Is the game gonna be on Steam?

I'm working on it yes, probably around the middle of the year with the next big update.

How is linux version coming along.

In a far future sadly. I have a loooot of optimization to do just for the PC version. Until then, the game isn't properly running on other platforms.


so uhhhh...how do i get the statue that allows for males to birth other males to <w<

You just have to play with a lot of Wanderers and at some point you'll unlock the good statute. I think it's Inana or something like that :D


Just spitballing an idea, Ghosts. Ghosts that are invisible unless they're within range of a lightsource. (Watchtowers, Homes, anything with candles, the sun). I don't know if there's any way to make that work with the AI, but it might work best if they're "player assassins" that only focus the player, and both ingore and get ingored by the rest of the squad. 

I understand creating an indie game with no budget is difficult, however I don't feel like that justifies a game with jpeg characters being worth 10 dollars. It just makes it feel bland. In terms of game mechanics it shows potential however not enough that I would suggest the game YET. Maybe if the player didn't tip as you look up or down giving it more of a grounded feel it might feel more worth 10 dollars, but right now I'd say at best $5...

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I'm sad that my work worth nothing for you, just don't buy my game.

And if you already did, please contact itch.io to get a refundhttps://itch.io/support


I'm re-reading my critique and I have no idea why I was so brutal you aren't some AAA company. Plus I've never judged a game by graphics before so why should you bite the bullet? Let me try again.

Mechanically its a great game. The way certain skills are connected is well thought out and makes sense. The building placement doesn't have a lock so you can make it as loosely joined (or tightly joined) as you want. The area flames light up is a surprisingly fair distance for games allowing you to see at night but also close enough that you need to weigh resource risk vs enemy's sneaking through the dark. Sure it's not perfect but in terms of bugs I didn't notice any that ruined my experience, and I'm the kind of guy that generally finds bugs with ease. I apologize for my previous judgement and hope the best for you and your game.

On a different note, you are the first dev I've come across to admit the fact there is a refund option after a bad review. If anything that makes your game more deserving of it's value.

No worry, thank you very much for your big feedback that's super helpful! X)

And if you find bugs/issues, feel free to spam me with them!

I'm always doing my best to improve the game. Even that dumb AI T-T


Hello Malerouille. Thank you for playing. combinations of Rts and Rpg, not so much in the vastness of the Internet, and even more so "exotic". So once again, "Большое СПАСИБО" for the game.  I am very tormented by one question. In the dungeon, on some runestones, I found an image of how the bulls (our opponents, if not only they appear) so let's say they dominate the defeated races ( they rape) . Will it be possible to hope that in future updates it will be possible to see how one of your settlers, before losing his life,  becomes a victim of the enemy? (I think it's a great idea for this genre of game, both in setting and gameplay).For example, they can be saved by killing enemies.. And add a recipe for armor to the forge that saves from such interactions so that you don't have to save them. (Butt plug, or "Chastity Armor. XD)

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoy the game X)

As you mentioned, the enemies used to enslave and rape other species. And in the game, every sex must be consent. So I will never add anything related to rape.

Sex must be a good and positive element of the gameplay. A way to create bonds with Wanderers or Heal and Call more allies. Nothing more! UwU


your game is so amazing,it drags me in to experiment and play each time i get off,im always learning something new about its world and story. I really cant wait for the other races to be added and playable along the line to. I have to ask though,any chance of getting a steam version and maybe even multiplayer modes?

I tried to make it a multiplayer experience it's soooo complicated to do alone with no budget I had to quit.

Also I'm working on adding it to steam but the NSFW nature of the game and the complexity of steam are ... let's say interesting ... so it will happen during the year but it's not my priority X)

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm both happy and lucky you loved it and shared it with me! It's motivating and helping a lot UwU


is it possible to make this free for  little

Sadly I won't do it, I prefer to focus on improving the game and adding more content rather than spending time one a free version.


im curious, if i buy the game currently do i have to re-buy it with each update?

Nope, you buy all the next versions too!

Its a bit confusing, but you cant download from this page, you need to go to your library and click the download button under the game, it'll take you to the download page with the latest versions. You cant access the download page from here.

uhh so im a bit at not getting what you are saying,could you tell me that once i bought the game will it automatically updates the game itself whenever theres a new versi0n or do i have to do something for it to installed the latest version of the game


When you buy the game you'll gain access to the latest version through your profile, not on this page.

Also it does not mean you'll get the latest version just because you buy on here, its up the dev.. The dev that creates "Business of Lovin'" updates the Itch.io version of his game waaay beyond everywhere else. Kind of annoyed by that.. I paid for the game, update it everywhere.. Not just on your Patreon..

Anyway, I digress. By paying you'll get the latest version of the game that is uploaded onto Itch.io

Yes once you buy it you'll get access to all the future versions, even if I increase the price of the game. You buy it only one time if you prefer UwU

Also the weird download library is probably because of the bundle system. I have to do the same with Bundles I bought. It's just how itch.io works I guess but once you're used to it it's pretty simple :3

About the updates, you have to download the new versions of the game yourself. You keep your saves anyway and can delete the previous version.


Could I get two of my allies to reproduce so I can have gay sex?

There is a statue to reproduce even with gay sex! 

0.12 update is a FPS killer :)
And yes, AI of enemies in dungeon just don't work they stand still


I’m gonna spend some time optimizing stuff along the new content. 


Could you add enemy strongholds and hardcore mode in future update?.

You’re the first one to ask me a harder mode and I like this energy. I’ll do my best if I have enough time to make a Difficulty setting

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Stone golem lore and sex with candlebolds in future update?.


Candlebold died and respawned in house,now its sliding face down across ground when its moving.

Wait that’s illegal, they’re not supposed to respawn!

Could you add armors and shields in future update?


There is a shield already!

I just wanted to ask out of curiosity, are you no longer supplying a demo for the game? I remember there being a demo available, so I was just curios about no longer seeing a way to get it


Dev said they removed the demo version as it had old bugs that were now fixed in the current version and people were starting to be unnecessary insulting in the comments because of that.

Definitely it was more than 1 year old, I played it before removing it and ... oh boi ... no way I post that again X'D Not after all this work to improve the game!

ah ok, thanks for the quick reply ^^


Very odd, for some reason I cannot use skill points at all in V12 unlike in V11

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay I think I've figured out my issue. Because I play in 4k the hotzones in the new version don't seem to scale properly. To fix this issue all you need to do is 

  1. Right-click the .exe of the app.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. Click the Compatibility tab.
  4. Under “Settings,” click the Change high DPI settings button. ...
  5. Check the Override system PDI option.
  6. Use the drop-down menu to select the behavior.
  7. Check the DPI scaling override option.

This is a very strange issue, I'll try to replicate it on my own setup  and find an official solution, thank you for your feedback!!


The mini-game with the random world pc system change is cool but seem to be buggier than before

Sometimes Skeletons gets stuck inside of walls,Are you aware of this problem?.

They just pretend to be ghosts, it's probably a feature!

Could you add more graphical settings like removing fog in future update?.

The fog is part of the game, I can't remove it


Honestly a pretty dope game. It's worth the money in my opinion. Is there a discord or something for the devs?? I'd really love to stick around for the development of this project

Thank you that's adorable!!! OwO


When does Corn The Pious appear?.

The 21th day!

(1 edit)

Skeleton's attack both Day and Night, Is there gonna be setting to change them attack only at night in future update?.

You have to destroy their portals to stop them from coming during the day!

Is there gonna be save system in future update?.

No, the game only saves the Achievements, the Collectibles and the customized character.


if and when it comes to steam will you still update the itch.io version

Absolutely, steam is the option here, it all started with itch so it will always come first ❤️


Hello again! Is the new update going to remain for windows only?

I'm working to make the OS and Linux version but there are some performance issues and there's no way I publish this! So I'm on it UwU I'll find a solution!


Noted! Thanks for informing, I'll be waiting patiently until it launches! :)


Oh I was going to ask the same question, fortunately I can still run the latest updates on my W7 partition but it would be much more comfortable if I could play on Linux


Oh my how lewd



so i can be gay in this game? curious on that

(1 edit) (+4)

Definitely yes, and if you unlock the right Collectible you won't even need girls to produce units UwU waves hand with magic glitters


time for gay ;)

Is there still a demo or was it removed

Check recent dev log.

It only has the buy option.


Any chance for a futa playable character

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