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Why should you survive alone against villains ? 

Create allies to help you build your town and conquer the world. 

But beware, for nights are dark and ancient evils will come for you.


  • Have sex with your allies to create units
  • Gather resources to create buildings
  • Use the Skilltree to choose your strategy
  • Each night, fight  waves of enemies
  • Explore a procedural map and dungeon
  • Customize you character
  • Collect books to discover the lore and unlock passive skills
  • Original soundtrack


I'm a  lonely french baguette doing furry games and illustrations, hoping you'll enjoy Daggan and have a lot of fun!

Minimum requirements

Operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+) , Windows 10 and Windows 11
CPUx86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.
Graphics APIDX10, DX11, DX12 capable.

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Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(468 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Action, Adventure
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Adult, Erotic, Furry, NSFW, sex, Third Person, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Discord (18+), Twitter


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Daggan 1.0.3 PC 57 MB

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out of curiosity are there futas in the game that you can have fun with or are they only enemies?

Any updates planned for this game in the future?

I want to make a sequel a few centuries after this game.

I'm not sure whether to buy on Steam or itch.io I'd like to know if there's a difference.

Nope! While it's easier to use it on Steam, itch takes a smaller fee. But there's not difference for players! Also It's not on sale on Steam (I'd love to but it's super tedious).

Deleted 14 days ago

disculpa el español

dependiendo en mi caso por precio regional .

salen mas barato( solo que lo  compre hace +2 años cuando estaba mas barato en itch)

I don't see my comment anywhere on here, did it vanish or?

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Are you sure you didn't comment under a post?



Its a very good game and i enjoying it a lot, but sadly no gallery

or add a second exe "Daggangallary.exe" or something like that


Oh i am excited. You are making a sequel? I have always enjoyed this game!

I'd love to! So far I only started to think about it! I don't know if and when I'll start working on it :O


Sorry. I didn't get back to you fast! I was wondering if there is any way to negate the lag for the game? I know my computer is probably the culprit but i used to be able to play Daggan smoothly on a 2015 model. But regardless, honestly it is nice to see you still creating games. I must ask though, if you ever considered visual novels or other kinds of gameplay? I bet you could do really well that way. Or unity too. For some reason, I can picture Daggan like the game hunt and snare or something similar graphics wise XD. You really do amazing work. Keep it up!

Thank you! I'm currently working on a NSFW management game with a part of the gameplay being closed to a VN system, but beside than I prefer to stick to pure gameplays and try to find stupid ways to make love in video games X) And yeap I'm using Unity for my games!

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Will you ever make a full version of the game? It's honestly a great game and I'd love a full game with a bigger map for more exploration and more animations for different scene!

(Edit: Or will you ever remake the game to be more 3D instead of 2D?)


I'm still learning lot of stuff for a sequel UwU

I was an illustrator first so doing a whole game by myself was a huge challenge. And since Daggan's release I've been studying a lot. So hopefully one day I'll have all the skills for a proper sequel X)

I poured a loooot of work in Daggan over a couple of years I at that time that was the best I could do, and I'm super proud of it beside all its flaws!

Im going to be honest, i pirated this off of  steamunlocked a while back while the game was in 0.12.1 and i just played it seriously last night for the first time and i actually liked it alot. i think later this year im going to buy it on steam around Christmas (sorry for pirating it btw (also does it have a save feature now? it would be nice to have so i dont have to keep my computer on))
anyway, thanks for reading if you did

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Sadly no save features, I didn't have the knowledge to make a proper one, because of all the stats and procedural stuff going on. And now I won't try to add it this late, I could break the whole game!

As for buying the game, I regularly host sales so you might as well wait one to get the game for a cheaper price UwU

i am sorry for pirating your game, BUT! this game is just too good and im broke now. i will buy it soon, sorry

Huuuum, okay! Deal. Just wait the next sales!

Dear developers, are you planning to update the game? If yes, then when?


I'm alone and I did everything I wanted for Daggan, adding more content would just unbalance or break the game, so no update is planned for Daggan's future UwU


It's a pity, but still thanks for that too. Overall I liked the game, thanks for the quick response OwO

Thank you! I'm sad too I couldn't add all my ideas when I made the game, but I'm really proud of it and even if it's faaaar from being perfect, it's my favorite project so far X)

Just a thought, but an idea I considered was maybe have joystick compatability for XInput controllers

Maybe in a future update you could add some potions that enhances bodily growth like the breasts for the females and cock for the males and maybe also different types of clothing as well

erstand the idea but for this version of Daggan, because it's using sprites, that'll mean redrawing all animations for every possible combination, which is impossible. For me or any team. But that's something I would probably do if I ever try a 3d version some day.

The game is nice, but it needs updates; else, I'll use the cheat engine to alter certain things. Also, please add no limitations to the game; moreover, add a debug and a sandbox menu; otherwise, let me simply state that money comes and money goes.



Question: Pregnancy? Well, it's obviously in the game, given how it seems to be the way to make units, but what are it's mechanics? I don't care for... witnessing the results firsthand, so to speak.


Basically new units just spawn, adult and ready. The game can be fast-paced while fighting the waves of enemies, and I chose to focus on quicker base-building mechanics!

This game have a potential, but it's too expensive for it's content. I believe I saw everything on the 5th game day: npc's, a tonel, most of buildings and etc. Sex is rather  a fan service than really important mechanic or something enjoyable.

I believe this game can became a cheaper alternative of "Wild life" with fun enough gameplay. Yet I this game looks like a demo or even a beta.

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$10 for a game with very little content isn't very good I understand game development is hard and expensive but come on... the game has very little replayability and hasn't been updated in over a year, I'm not asking for the game to be free but they should make the game cheaper if they decide to give up updating the game.

I've noticed this dev seems to abandon games when they 'finish' them leaving them half-baked yet at the same price.

Fun game.

For anything I would want to see in such a game, mostly when the game-play  can last about five hours, depending on the game span settings, I would like to see a way to same the progress, and come back to it later.

Knowing the project is done as is, I'd suggest having a save option in the mentioned Daggan 2, if possible.

Fun fact, don't know if this was a glitch, but I started a game, didn't even get to make a move in it, before I had to leave it. When I came back, seen the game say, "You win." Don't know how that was possible, but was funny to see.

Took time to learn a few things about the game, such as, you don't aim at what you want to hit with the aim cross. Found it near impossible to hit small rocks doing that. Instead, I had to aim the swing slash, usually animated below the aim cross,  at a target to hit it properly.

I look forward to seeing the Daggon 2 once it's available. And wondering if it will have everything in 3D, or if it be a mix of 3D and 2D like this one is.

My vote is to see everything as 3D models, such as in Just in Slime. A game that reminds me of KoboldKare, just a little. ^.^

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Hello before i buy this can i save my world


I'd really like to check out a short demo before I buy it :]

Are you planning on make a android version I would love to play this when I don't have access to my computer

Great game by the way

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honestly im kinda sad i cant help the developer by helping them code the game or pay them.

A lot of people helped me enough so I could finish the game. Basically now I'm still learning new stuff through new projects and there's nothing more I can do for Daggan (without breaking it).
But I'm very happy with the game now, it exceeded my expectations and it's better than my original idea. More focused and creative at least X'D




i don't usually write comments like this, but reading all of the comments from entitled pricks about how the game should cost less made me want to voice my support. i'm glad you know that your work has value and that you're not taking any shit about it (the "1-2 hours" line had me cackling). i think i've gotten about all the gameplay i'm going to get out of Daggan in its final state, and i'm not disappointed with my purchase. i understand why you're not updating the game anymore, and while i'm sad there won't be any more of this cute little base-builder, i'm glad you're able to work on what you want to work on. i'm looking forward to whatever you make next! and if there's any drudgery you don't want to do, or any technical problems you need help with, or text that needs proofreading or anything like that, i'd be happy to lend a hand - for free, of course :3 . i've got plenty of skills but always a shortage of ideas, so the chance to work on an Actual Thing - from a developer whose work i enjoy - is enough of a reward for me.

Thank you very much, I'm very happy you feel all of that about Daggan! If you want you come on my discord server, that's where I share about my ongoing games, nsfw arts, and people can play the prototypes and fill playtest forms!


is it going on steam

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It's been on steam

Like someone else said the game is already on Steam! :D

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it would be sick if there was a way that you could play muiltplayer.

sick game 10/10


Thank you, I totally agree! I'm solo dev, I really tried to add multiplayer but it's super complicated and costly so I gave up on that :0 maybe in a future game!


really hope this game gets updated again at some point. would love new stuff added


Definitely. But as the dev has said in other comments they develop solo. And if the dev loses interest there's really no point in continuing development ): . But theres still a chance for future development so that's somthing to hope for I guess


I can't do much more for Daggan, but I do plan to do Daggan 2 now that I have more experience and knowledge UwU


That sounds exciting!

Is this game being updated still?


Nope, I'm onto new games.

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why does it cost money now ;-;


Cause I spent years working on it.

ah true


Update when? :)

Patreon is not found? Are you on Subscribestar?

Oops I probably forgot to update the link!


Ah great. You now have a new Patreon. But don't forget to update the link at the top of the page.^^


Considering this game hasn't really been getting any real updates in a long while..
Not to mention in the spam of a few months it went from 0.12 all the way to 1.0.1
The Patreon being down.
For something so simple and small in all honestly not to mention something that still seems VERY much in Alpha.
$10 is way over priced for what is basically a concept at this point.

There should be a demo for people to be able to play and to test out because the little bit of what you show off doesn't tell or help explain let alone show off what game play is about.
I seen bigger games be sold for less and to counter something you said earlier.

"Would be a shame to be paid for my work"
Yes, since at the moment it seems you are being paid for doing nothing but fighting with comments that ask for a **DEMO** Version.
you know how absolutely easy it would be to have a Demo set up right..?
Do what other developers do and simply have a earlier version like the mentined 0.12 and have that be the Demo.
You aren't showing off anything you don't already or plan on not wanting to have out there for free
And you allow yourself to have  more exposure and trust from people that are able to confirm whether or not they want this game or not.

Again. 10 Dollars for something that honestly could be done in 1-2 hours.
That hardly has anything when there are games like this for free that has days worth of content..
It feels like someone trying to sell me a DLC for horse armor in Oblvion all over again.


It's a one-dev-game. But if you can do more in "1-2 hours" I'll be happy to play it.
Just a reminder though, every sprite in the game took around 2 to 6 hours to animate. There are something like 80 sprites. 

And that's just speaking of the characters' visual assets.

This game is, maybe, not what you're looking for. If you expect countless hours of dull content, you should look at the big AAA games in the market. Maybe understand these games have hundred of hours of content cause they have millions of dollars to spend. Some were made over decades. I had no budget and no time sadly. Only my hard work and my passion.

So here it is. A no-budget game made by one stupid person in a couple of years.  You can spit on it, insult it, shame it. It's still 10$ for you.


full respect, game dev is hard, but give credit where credit is due, incase the website bugs out, 10 bucks on a game that has a chance to be dropped

not sure what to say, still want to try the game out but been busy

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The game is too expensive for the content....But I don't regret buying  this game

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bitch there are games that have less content than this from sony and xbox and cost way more go touch some grass and make your own game before criticizing the price plus if it were me yall would be paying hundreds and that's not even half the amount they spent to make this so yeah go spend thousands on a game then come back and criticize

Thank you for understanding UwU 


This is literally what I'm saying and everyone being like "oh I'm entitled to a free version" are pissing me off!


I don't hate this game. I know this game is high quality and he put a lot of ideas into this game and put a lot of dedication into implementing it. However, I am a buyer and have the right to criticize or praise this game after purchasing it. Please do not compare this game to Xbox or Sony. Then you will be more at a disadvantage.
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disadvantage? what disadvantage? not being a idiot who thinks he has a right to criticize a game because ha paid barely any on it when its better than some xbox or sony games. and if you really think that  its not better than some of their games then you haven't seen some of their games that are very bad and way worse than this that cost a crapton more than this. go pay thousands  on a game and spend days to weeks developing it then you have a right to criticize this game.


wish there was a free version so I could know if i want the game, that is why most games have a demo for the

Since I've been playing your game since v0.6 i decided to buy and downplay through itch all the way through the 0.1.1 update i decided to buy your game through steam but what makes me feel not okay,

 it's very noticeable lag, camera movement, I can't play your game. Why is it like this now? It makes me very disappointed and I deeply hope that it might be resolved someday 

And will hope to come back to buy it again someday

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i think they should put it for free


Would be a shame to be paid for my work right?

(1 edit) (-4)

Yea it would be such a shame. 

not at all! but mabye a demo so that we know if we like the game before buying (granted 10$ isn't a hell of alot)


it was free at once but now it is no longer free

Why was the switch to build mode changed?
I can't build because I don't have a MMB.. well I have a scroll wheel but I can only push it to the sides so it's not counted as MMB
Please, do one last update for this amazing game where we can keybind everything.

I just came back to this game after a long time.


If you go into the wiki you should find the corresponding keyboard key for building mode UwU


Thank you ^^

Have a nice rest of your day.

I hope you'll enjoy the gaaaame! And I have some free (for the moment) games on my page if you want more fun and lewd X)


I have only played a few minutes, but the game has potential. Too bad no have savestates, I hope you can include it in next games.

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would you be able to add in a feature where you can have offspring/allies with a mixed appearance based on the wanderer you have sex with? i think it might look cool


there is gay sex here?


Yes if you choose to have sex with males only


That is a solid 10/10 answer lol

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