New update, 1.0.1

This new version of Daggan contains many fixes, many new NPCs and ... a peculiar building you might know!

After this one, I'll probably publish small updates to fix bugs and balance things UwU

It's time for me to start a new lewd game about Daggan's world!


Daggan 1.0.1 PC 57 MB
Jun 04, 2022

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bought the game but it still runs the 0.9 update. Did i do something wrong? i would happily buy again if i can get the update to work

You have to download the game again UwU 

it was a problem with the extraction, but got it fixed

it's nice, but the added screen shake or swaying makes placing buildings down difficult when I don't want crooked out of line buildings.


We waited and it came. We believed and she met our expectations. Thank you author. You've done painted my world with new colors. I want to hug you.


jajajaja bien XD

había bajado la versión 1.0.0 y me fije que la cámara estaba extrañamente alejada .

con respecto a la 0.12.1 también note un aumento de velocidad del juego en resumen mas fps igual ando ahorrando para una nueva portátil ya ese celeron del 2014 antes a rendido demasiado XD.

y por ultimo buena suerte con la ventas en steam la verdad es que si no fuera porque ya lo tengo por aquí lo comprara hay.

Oooh ¡gracias por los comentarios!

 Me alegro de que te funcione mejor, ojalá pudiera optimizar más el juego :3

Enjoy the game!!!