Small update, many fixes

Since it's big release, I received a lot of feedback X)


  • no slime color heredity
  • small chance to buy purple and honey slimes
  • no more enemies climbing on walls
  • no garrison if no range attack
  • no enemy spawning near buildings
  • resizable window in window mode
  • better placement for garrisoned allies
  • no more sex with garrisoned allies
  • better Wanderer rewards over time
  • enemy portal sound issue
  • enemies stop passing through walls
  • louder enemy horn
  • cliffs clipping through dungeon
  • better dungeon navmesh
  • climbing infirmary
  • terrain bricks texture
  • better dummy description
  • camera clipping
  • garrison warning called on house
  • no respawn for candlebolds
  • faster walk animation humanoids
  • enemies don't teleport to player when spawning
  • portal spawn rate increased
  • zealot resurrects corpses properly
  • removed the illuminati hole


Daggan 1.0.2 PC 57 MB
Jun 07, 2022

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The Statue of Piett does not raise population cap above 20. I tried destroying it and rebuilding it, still no luck.

You have to keep building houses.

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I am a fool. Thanks!


why do the suicide skeletons spawn directly inside my village. can't they just  spawn directly outside the world dungeon instead of appearing in the center of my village and nuking everything. 

Good thing enemies won't always be on top of the house like rain.


After playing the recent update I did notice some of the fixes but I still get enemies coming into my base or a Stone Arrow Garrison while the gate is closed. Maybe its due to the grass inside the base?