Devlog n°5

For the next two months I'll be intensely working on the bosses!

Meet the Zealot

I'm trying to finish the forest level, and to do so I have to add 3 bosses for the nights 7, 14 and 21! So I started to work on the first one. I drew various ideas and I let my patrons choose their favourites. Next boss will be something like a warrior or an assassin and the third one ... well for this one I want something truly frighting so maybe a golem or some big magic creature.

Enjoying new assets

So I did a new thing, I bought some assets to improve Daggan (big sales right now). One for the player movements and another one for a better fog. So far it doesn't seem like a big deal bug I spent so much time looking for a decent solution for the fog! And the new one is gorgeous UwU Then I really want to improve the movements and the camera so I'll take the time to polish it for the next update.

Speaking of budget, I'll also have to commission new musics for the bosses!  I'm really excited about it :3

If you want to participate or support me, feel free to visit my patreon!

Kisses, Malerouille

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looks very cool


Brilliant as fuck! Super excited!


he's scary ;w;


sounds good