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A lewd cooking game where you play short sessions to make the best score! You open your sexy shop and sell your slimes to an infinite queue of customers. Take a moment to enjoy their lewd performances or customize your place!


  • Play an endless cooking game
  • Create slimes combining potions
  • Unlock sex positions
  • Watch them having fun
  • Many furry characters will visit your place.
  • Clean, customize, decorate your place with the store.


To everyone on my patreon, past and future, cause they're the best!

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Minimum requirements

Operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+) and Windows 10, 64-bit versions only.
CPUX64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
Graphics APIDX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUs
Additional requirementsHardware vendor officially supported drivers

Release date Jul 30, 2021
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(123 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Blender
Tags3D, Adult, Casual, Endless, Erotic, Furry, LGBT, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksCommunity, Patreon, Twitter


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

JustInSlime v1.1 Win 75 MB

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Thank you for the game!!!!


hm brain just realized this slime loving kobold exists in daggan and sells slimes. hm proably devs know one another or even worked together..

Cause I did both! I did Just in Slime AND Daggan  :3

bought the game, cant play it, whenever i try to launch it, theres a fatal error that says "failed to load mono"

Have you tried unzipping the whole game into the same file? Maybe doing it on your desktop too cause apparently a long file address can cause issues as well, it's worth trying UwU

i tried a bunch, i even went over to steam and both ways, it said the same "failed to load mono" error

Did you extracted the whole zip file into the same folder, using right-click > extract ?

It's an error related to the game engine, Unity, on my side I can't do more :O

so how i've got it set up is from Itch, i downloaded the folders onto my desktop, and in this normal folder is

 the game app, 

the data folder, 

a folder called "MonoBleedingEdge"

a Readme

unity crash handler and the unity player.dll

ive tried sending the bleeding edge to the data folder, copying everything and sending it to a winrar and then extracting again and i still cant get it to work, i really wanna play the game, its def something on my end but i cant figure it out for the life of me


If you haven't figured it out, yet. I figured out that any game that I have that uses MonoBleedingEdge does mess with it if you replace the files. You have to keep both from both games and just leave them there. It fixed a lot of games that use MonoBleedingEdge for me at least.

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I paid for this and cant download it no matter what i try

You have to navigate to the page My Library on itch.io and find the game here, waiting to be downloaded.


I got the game on steam and it's really good, I only wish there was a Freeplay option to control the slime to my taste and choose the pose


I see you added Kincaid as one of the clients. No way it's a coincidence with it being a brown wolf girl with short purple hair and sci-fi looking gloves


Yes!!! I know them and asked to hide their character in my game XD


Does this game still receive updates? I'd be willing to pay to get the game and even maybe pay DLCs or something like that, as long as it's not a pay wall. 

I’m still updating the game, mostly to fix issues. No DLCs planned. It’s a paywall cause it’s a product and I worked hard on it.

Well ig it depends on what the paywall is. But I'd like to see more new content too, if you're planning on adding more. And what kind of paywall are you planning to make, if I may ask?

You pay to download the game, that’s all.

Oh well I'd pay for the game then. What I meant by paywall is that there are games that are free, or sometimes that you even have to pay. But then to continue the game you absolutely have to buy something. And it's usually multiple times. But if it's just the price of the game I can buy.

How do you change the resolution?

Casual and colourful! When I got the hang of it I unlocked everything pretty fast. Wondering if there is a way to reset progress and let my partner have a go...


Right now the moment htere isn’t option for that. But good idea actually, some kind of NG+, I’ll keep it in mind if I work on an update UwU

Deleted 147 days ago

if only it were the same price on steam atm lol- bc i am ~broke~ and cant afford the steam ver atm bc i'm a few dollars short, anyways looks like a great game will probably buy it when i can afford it :) 

So i was honestly going to just search this up on google and try to download it for free but the personality of the creator in when reading comments completely change my mind and made me go "I like this person, I wont do that to them, I'll pay."

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Well no it's getting stressful for me :O I really hope you'll enjoy the game!!
Here a hug for you just in case:


is there a linux version planned? (or does anyone know if it runs fine with wine/proton??) and is there male slimes?? thanks!


You make the slimes, so it depends on you. And for the moment no more versions are planned UwU


took a gamble and bought the game yesterday anyways, seems like the windows version runs perfectly on linux anyways. thx for the quick reply!


What’s this magic :0 well I hope you’ll enjoy the game!! Don’t hesitate if you want to share any thoughts or feedback! <3


picked up daggan and it's working well so far too! Just one question, are you planning on releasing these games on steam? if so will buyers here get steam keys?? thanks! enjoying both of the games :)

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Nah Steam is really restrictive and my game could be blocked just sharing a a link to itch.io X)

So far, this is the main page of the game, here on itch


Are you nearly ready for the Steam release? I want to buy the game, but Itch's lack of a dedicated client application and delta updates makes it less convenient.

Deleted 31 days ago

So they do! They don't advertise THAT very well, it took me ten minutes to find it!

Steam wants me to make a trailer, this is the very last thing I need to release the game UwU


I really enjoy the game. everything looks very pretty and I really enjoy the potion mixing and rate aspect but could there possibly be more lewd scenes? how come they ask for all this just to dance with the slime?


Is a Linux port planned?

works great with lutris/wine :)


is there something I'm not understanding about this game?

it's good, the animations are great, and the concept is interesting, but it seems like everything is based on the luck of the draw, because even when I got lucky as hell and got 8 'perfect' slimes in a row, I then got stuck in a rut barely managing to get more than 1 or 3 gold sales, some having to spend 10 or 20 on a slime just to randomly draw ONE thing needed for the next client. I've played several times now and only once gotten past the first tax, and only due to pure luck, what am I missing? how are you supposed to play this.


VR support planned?

Oh not really :3


very fun

great animations

10/10 would pay for this again on steam :)


I’m happy you enjoyed the game!!! Thank you for your feedback ❤️


could we get a demo? I want to see how it runs on my rig before spending money on the game, it looks really promising though! cant wait to see what comes of it in the futur


lmao ofc dev ignore this message


love the game, are there more updates planned?

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I’d love to make more sexy animations , to talk bout an update UwU but I don’t know when 

Thank you for your kind words ❤️


honestly if this was put over to steam id buy it for $10 just from what a friend told m


Game errors on launch :( "Fatal Error. Failed to load mono." I tried your suggestion in the comments of extracting to a fresh folder but no dice. Also tried redownloading the zip but issue persists. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Daggan works fine.

Someone told me it worked for them when they extracted in a folder in the desktop, some people have issue with paths being too long :O

Be sure in your folders paths there are no accents or weird symbols in your files names, and keep them short.

Tell me if anything works!

Still having trouble, I even tried extracting the zip contents directly on the desktop. Someone suggested dropping the mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll and UnityPlayer.dll files into the Data folder but that hasn't helped either. :( No weird characters in the folder paths or anything either.

It's a rare but tough Unity issue (the game engine).

Unfortunately all I can advise you at this point is to ask itch.io a refund :(

I'm very sorry for all your trouble


Can you choose what kinks are shown? Is it random or can you specify if you only want F x F, M x F, or M x M?

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You can't refuse clients based on their sexual orientation in the game, the job is just to make the clients happy, whatever it takes  UwU

Choice is yours to give them the Slime of their dreams or one you prefer!

I see below that you intend to bring it to steam (if you go back two months) is that still on the to do list or is that a forgotten idea?


I still want to do that but it’s a lot of work and it’s my least priority! I’m focus adding content and improving the gameplay!! X)


Your 3D work has improved! Good to see you're being productive!


Fun game, reminds me a little of Miracle Merchant, The main issue I have with the game is that there is a volume control for the music but not the voices, as the voice lines are non stop and get quite annoying quite quickly.


Amazing original sex game creation !


Thank youuu! X)

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Love it, got on a massive win streak and ended buying out the shop in one go and had lots of leftover money, my high score was over 12,500, any chance we could get a community scoreboard?

Well that’s a good idea, I’ll try to explore it :3 


i wanna play i wish it was free :(


So you can't pay the cost of one trip on the bus?


What kinda of bus you riding that costs $5? Sounds like you got taken for a ride. :P


You're being facetious - I don't care where you live or what the exchange rate is, you can't tell me this tiny amount isn't comparable. You'd easily spend more on one fast food meal.

Public transport where you live must be awesome. This game costs almost exactly the same as a single fare where I live, and less than a day ticket!


i would really love to see a "free play" mode where we can make an OC and a Slime and cycle through the animations, there just really isnt enough time to watch and enjoy the animations normally.

There is no timer in the game, you just stop playing the potions and enjoy the show. UwU

oh ok, so if i switch camera angles the timers will pause for the customers? 

There is no timer like I said, only turns. Their patience decreases when you finish a slime.


Digging the game so far. Worth the five bucks.


Thank youuu! I’m happy you enjoyed it 🥰


Is there going to be a demo for the game then?


Nope, I only planned updates to add more sexy animations and characters UwU

It is not explained in tutorial how to get animated scenes... VERY sad

You can unlock then in the store. The second button on the first page on the game UwU

How do you get the animated sx scenes??

You have to unlock them in the store! The slimes are really stupid when you start the game.

Trying to get sequence right... get min 50 pts then to store and click on the 50 pt. scene then back to play game??

Yes! You gain these weird crystals when you play the game then in the store you can unlock stuff: decorations for the place or sex animations for your slimes.


im loving it so far but i really hate how many duplicate potions you can get, they just fill up the bar and are to expensive to just keep applying to make room, i rarely make more than 30 gold at a time


Don't worry the first times are hard! But once you get it, it gets easier UwU


i played this for an hour and couldn't stop playing this is very fun to play at least for me. hope you continue to update the game or even make more of it


Thank youuu!

Yes I have an update planned! I'm really happy you enjoy the game, thanks a lot for you comment!!! XD


Any chance of you putting it up on steam at a later date?

Just curious.

Hello! I will put it on steam once I now what to do for its next update UwU probably in a few weeks at least!!


No worries, steam is just easier for me. Can't wait looks really good.


I've seen comments about how camera works but I think it should have a little more love. Maybe some new aniamtions? It would be nice too. UwU
Game is nice and well, oddly relaxing for me. (I'm not a fun of slime and I don't mean obvious +18 content.) Hope it will have more content in the future.

I plan to make an update in the future and I'd love to add one or two more animations X) 

I'm happy you enjoyed it! Thank you very much sharing your thoughts about it!!!

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I really enjoy the games you make. You're doing an awesome job, but I was curious why you don't have a camera swivel effect when you zoom in on the clients having fun with their slimes? Different perspectives after you get the animations you want would be a nice add in. Love the fact that Kincaid is in this.

Thank you!!

Well I'm not 100% satisfied with the camera neither, but I had to limit it's rotation. To save time I only worked on the visible objects so there's nothing behind the desk, it's pure oblivion. So I restricted the camera control to hide this part of the level.

But I'm waiting to receive enough feedback to make an update and I'll probably update the camera too. I'll find a way to make its controls better!


Why not connect it to the same option as the slime? When I went into a close up of the action, I thought the arrows used for the slime rotation would do the same thing for the client/slime. Instead of rotating around the customers you could just have "them" rotate.  It's still amazing for how much time you've spent on it.  People spend years developing their games and you made yours in a few heart beats. Concept and art are spot on.

Well I used assets I made a long time ago for a prototype X') I just needed the right idea to use them. Plus I tried my best not to add too much features and stuff, it was a good exercise to stay focus on the same idea I guess.

About the rotation, you can already rotate the scenes with the arrows when you're focused on them.

hello im having problem tho this fatal error failed to load the mono pops up everytime i deleted and redownload but no result any idea how to fix this?

Did you unzip everything in a clean new folder?

yes i did anything possibly theres sir 


well though i tried it on my poor work pc and it just loaded fine just  a little slow bcz of cpu 
that was awesome good job tho!

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