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Help Ody in his sexy journey, in a lewd physic puzzle game introduced by illustrated stories.

Paid Version:

  • full illustrated story
  • 20 levels
  • all musics
  • achievements
  • original soundtracks
  • instant censor mode


You can get the album if you liked the OST:


Send me your feedback so I can improve the game!


Minimum requirements

Operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+) and Windows 10, 64-bit versions only.
CPUX64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
Graphics APIDX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUs

A game by Malerouille

Music by Velz

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Release date Mar 29, 2022
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(170 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Clip Studio Paint, Blender
Tags3D, Adult, Difficult, Erotic, Furry, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Physics, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
LinksSteam, Twitter, Patreon, Support


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

StrawberryJam6.zip 39 MB
OdyMos_v102.zip 84 MB

Development log


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do you have patreon ??

Absolutely UwU  Where I post my lewd comics and the ongoing work on my games!


This game made me cry. Please pay money for it.

I'm very happy if you had a great time with the game! ❤️

Cara, melhor jogo que já joguei essa semana, goty, aprendi muito, joguei com um amigo, odeio vasos e laser. Recomendo. 😏🍆🥺

Obrigado pelo seu feedback! Fico muito contente por teres gostado do jogo X)

Are my arms not supposed to move?

As long as they can stick on a surface, you can move them!

i dont think ive paid for a sexy game before, but this looks fun! Ill come back when i need to see dicks going into butts poorly


i wasn't expecting this game to hit me in the heart and make me super engrossed in its characters. i expected to be frustrated and amused by physics-based lewd puzzles, not to be enamored with these dorks. the "hug" level made me so happy. agh. definitely worth the $5.


You made my day! I'm so happy you enjoy this silly game X) Thanks for playing and double thanks for your sweet comment!


This is sunflower Games.  If you would like to join a bundle around December with me and some other devs, reply to this post.

I'm interested X)

Okay, I have enough devs to make a good package.  I will contact you again when I know the dates for the Chirstmas sale.

I'd love that! UwU

I have made the bundle.  You'll need to approve it.


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How I beat level 6 :D (neither of them are touching the ground)

A perfect solution for geckos!!!

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this game beat the shit out of me, i was not abble to beat it, idk what to say this game is stronger then me, maybe its because i am not a furry, harder than dark souls, thank you for this torture is was very fun  9/10 IGN

Helloooo! Don't worry, it's better to try it a bit and come to it better. Ody and their friends will always be here for you to try their weird adventures. ❤️


Part 2 cos I just HAVE to know how the wonderful life of Ody climaxes

1 Year on & I still absolutely love this game. Looking forward to Risky Sanctuary 😉

Thank you it's super cool XD


I love everything about this game, it put a huge smile on my face! Fantastically well done

Thank youuu, you made my day X)


Bring an Android version of this please, this is awesome!!


just wanted to say i love this game with all my heart! i bought the steam version, and i love the characters, the art, the music, the toys, everything! i'd like to say im pretty good at it, ive 100%'d the game :3 (wifi was hard lol) 

it looks like you might be done with the game ;-; but id love to see more of ody and the gang!!

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I wanted to like this. I wanted to really badly. I like puzzle games, especially physics puzzle games, and the premise for both the gameplay and story are hilarious, sexy, and novel. But goddamnit this game is unintuitive and frustrating when it comes to the physics and positioning the different parts of Ody, and maybe it's just me but I don't appreciate the timer and move counter being on by default and when I finish a level being told, "Finish in [x] seconds to beat the level; finish in [y] moves to beat the level," when I don't see any of the levels' pars past the tutorial being possible when I'm told to take small movements or move in finesse; I could move the same body part the same way ten times and get wildly different results. This feels especially true when it appears in all camera angles I have everything lined up, move the midsection back, and somehow it slides off to the side.

I apologize, I did not want to make this a longwinded rant, and I acknowledge that this is a solo dev project that's still being worked on, but once I got to level 5 and saw the lasers I immediately quit. Like I said, I wanted to like this game, and in spite of liking everything else, the gameplay killed the mood and any desire for me to progress past the first few levels.

If I could recommend anything, just spitballing off the cuff here: difficulty levels, a cheat menu, the ability to just play the game without a timer and move counter or at least turning the pars off, slightly more forgiving hitboxes for the extremities and connecting bits, the ability to lock the x, y, and/or z position of the midsection (or generally, better control over the characters' and their parts), have the level restart button just reset the level instead of jumping back to the story bit, and if it doesn't have one already a sandbox mode.


Which version did you played? The browser demo?

Some people love the controls of the game, some hate it. I can't really help, apparently it's mostly a personal thing :/ Some even finished the 20 levels in 25 minutes, and some never pasted the first level.

At least you gave it a try until the level 5. But maybe you should just have a break and go back to it later. Specially since this level is just about crawling on the surface, the lasers are just here to fright people X)

Thank you for your feedback that's very kind that you took the time to write all of it!


I bought the full game, actually.  Browser version glitched out and broke on me last couple of times I tried playing it.

Oof I'm sorry about that :O I would have throw my laptop through my window in your situation X)


deep story


10/10 would fuck again


I want to say its a good game, but I can't get past the Staff Hallway with the moving lasers, so I don't know how good the story is beyond that point (its pretty good and surprisingly deep so far), and the frustration with the controls is giving me a headache.

5/10, Too ANGY to fap.

Compelling story, but the controls need work. Maybe find a way to make it so you only need two or three points anchored and can tuck in one limb, or maybe make it so you can grab on to the other characters. This gave me I AM BREAD flashbacks.


I'm sorry to break it to you, but abstract causality and pain are core gameplay mechanics. It would be very interesting to see a breadlike that has intuitive, clean controls, but this is not that.

I mean, you can still list those as negatives, but they are not problems the developer is interested in solving (at least I assume. Maybe the dev didn't even know the controls were frustrating and this is all a coincidence XD)


I knew it but it's complicated. For one I have to publish the game at some point, then I need a looooot of feedback to test every single feature of each game. Which is limited a s a solo dev.

But anyway every project, every feedback is here to teach me so every next game can be better UwU

Honestly, the controls themselves weren't a huge complaint at first because I could take it slow and move things over and over until it moved the way I wanted it to, but with the introduction of the MOVING lasers, I suddenly had to time things just right and move things the right way the first time. So when I had to line Ody up on Ali with a pair of lasers an inch from Ali's business end, my frustration hit the point where I could no longer continue without risking an aneurysm.


Excellent, but difficult!
I think having some form of head control would definitely change the difficulty of some levels dramatically, allowing more control, especially on angles.

Otherwise, 9/10! Frustrating, but enough to still be fun.


Thank youuuu!


very difficult game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If only I was good at 3d puzzles so I could see more of what gets wiggled into Ody's butt

Love the concept of this game, looking forward to more 👍


Brilliant thank youuu!


lvl16 is nuts


I'm all for absurd scenarios, and degenerate shenanigans. Makes for a good chuckle, and gets the imagination going.

(2 edits) (+6)

Degenerate? What do you mean exactly?


I'm mainly saying it to denote lewd, mischivious, or absurd behavior.


You sound like a TOS agreement.

"In order to use this product, you must not use it to produce lewd, mischievous, or absurd content. Breaking these terms will ..."


I'm happy if people do the opposite, I want them to enjoy lewd or absurd stuff!! X'D


I can't get passed the password screen. Anyone got the password


The password only appears on the private versions of the game I shared on my patreon. That's not the one available here nor on Steam.


can i have the key ?

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No. Only pirated versions of the game have a password screen.


If I subscribe ?


If you want the game, just buy it here or on steam, you don't even need to subscribe to anything. It's on sales right now.


may want to rethink the color scheme for the menu white text on an extremly bright colored background can be very disorenting to read (assuming one could read the text at all)


This game has lots of potential in my mind. The mechanics can work and be overall a fun experience. But in my mind, its a bit too finnicky as of now. Sometimes it seems like im perfectly lined up, but then the game just refuses to cooperate.

Overall its a good game. Just from personal experience, it can be very nitpicky 


i bought the game, but cant seem to download it. its not giving me an install option

You can go in your itch.io Library (next to your profil pic on the top of the website) and from here find the game in My Purchases. It's gonna be the right place to download it UwU

(1 edit)

its not showing me any files i can install

nvm, i got it

The Itch launcher thinks there's no windows compatible build.

Not sure why.

It should be fixed now!

what is the game about? puzzles?

Yeap, you have to stuff the dildos into the heros' butt. It gets complicated with the levels with more obstacles, mechanisms and characters.


A good game

Thank youuuu!

Wow,you are improving so fast

(1 edit) (+1)

damn everytime I'm so close to beau the level but the game decided that it's not filled enough

Still awesome game tho 10/10 will play again

Thank you very much!!


I did find myself getting a bit frustrated during the Occupied level but I'm glad I persevered, the mechanics are so funny, the characters are charming and the incorporation of different scenarios keep things interesting and sexy - really good stuff! Looking forward to more!


will there be more content or even a sequal?

loved the game 10/10

(1 edit)

Thank youuu!

I made 7 more levels, and I'll spend the rest of the month working on them and their story illustrations. And that'll be it since the difficulty is exponential.

But the next update will be the release of the paid standalone version (cause I still want some reward too) on both itch.io and Steam.

Edit: gonna be a tiny price btw





Thank you! I’m working on 7 more levels for the standalone version, for more stabbing and pain UwU


This doesn't work very well in any browser i try. Is there a full download somewhere?


Human fall flat + Surgeon simulator + My wildest dreams and fantasies. Love it. Every single second of pain is worth getting to see the story of these two lovebirds <3

Thank youuuu X)


god damn

great game:

slow paced fun, hot sounds and visuals.

then 3rd act i get blindsided by feels and a compelling story.


That's adorable thank you!!


Probably the most wholesome experience I've ever had trying to cram something up someone's butt owo

Incidentally I love how "awkward" the final level felt, it really drove home the emotions!


I was not prepared for emtional damage. Absolutely loved it, even if the controls gave me OctoDad PTSD


This is pure pain. 10/10.


I'm doing my best to make it worst in the future UwU


I am so glad for that.



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