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I like the idea of the card game, but I have no clue why I can't use certain cards. The instructions mention that the numbers at the top of the card are the card's requirements, but I don't know how this translates to me being able or unable to use a card.


Lovin this games progress so far, would like an infinite survival mode though.

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Sure, in the start menu there's 3 choices for playing, the first one is for the survival game ^^


thank you so much! i really love your game 👌😍


Is the NSFW content purely f/m or f/f, f/m and m/m?

When playing the adventure game, you choose. When playing the card game, the partenair's sex is random !

Cool thanks ^\.=./^

Will there be a multiplayer  mode? 


hello really nice game, i have a great time with it but i dont know if i'm doing anything wrong you cant farme resource after some time

Glad you like it !!! Hum that's strange ! Do you have more details ? I'll try to reproduce it

well i played with the 30 minute setting, and after day 2 i could'nt use the axe create ressource or attac, i retry and all the time it happenned 

Damn it thank you ! I'll investigated that issue right now :o

the bug is still here

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I know I haven't release any update, I'm still looking for it in the code. I was clueless last week , I prefer to wait the end of the week to work on it, just doing something else for a fresh view.

Is there a way to turn off motion blur?


Hum good question ! I guess I should add that option in the next updates ^^


Thank you! 👍


this shows great promise and somthing thats entirely new to me. love it, keep the good work.

Thank you !!! <3


It's a nice idea and it sure worth fleshing it out more!

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I really enjoy the new card game, it's an interesting way to include the SNFW aspects and is just fun to play. I just am curious if I'm doing something wrong since I'm unable to play the rest of the game. I know this is an early release of the game and I really liked the design and concepts for the previous releases and I'm excited to see what comes in the future! 

Edit: Never mind, I'm just blind. lol


Thank you very much ! I'm happy you enjoy the card game ^^ since everybody seems to enjoy it I can take my time to develop it and add all the fancy stuff :


How do i make a character? I can only play the card game


Hello ! This is an ongoing feature so it’ll be available in the next releases ! The current version wasn’t interesting enough and too rough :3

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Actually, the card game is really neat! I let an hour pass just playing random matches ahaha!

Although, I have a few things that I feel like could make the card game feel a lot better to play. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with changing gameplay or adding animations just yet.

In particular, it has to do with how info is displayed on cards in your hand.

This is just nit picky stuff, and it could just be stuff you haven't added in yet, but I still feel like I should mention. There is zero feedback. I know, this is probably just going to be a polish thing, but consider playing a sound when the player clicks on a card that they can't use. Maybe flash a related icon on the screen. Say, the player clicks on a card that needs the player character to be male but they're female, flash the gender icon that corresponds to the players sex and catch the players attention.

That's all of the stuff I believe I need to say. If I come up with anything else, I'll tell you.

P.S. I love the playing card art! It's just gorgeous!


Actually, one more thing. I'm not 100% sure if you had this in mind or not, but your card game is relatively colourblind friendly! I prepared a few (censored) screenshots to show you what I mean.

This first image has no filter added at all. This is how you designed it to look, and it's how people with full colour vision will see it.

This is Protanopia. It makes it impossible to make out red colours. Despite this, all of the different bars and icons are still distinct from each other

This is Deuteranopia. It causes the green vision cone to be completely absent. In this case it's only slightly different from the Protanopia example. Not too bad.

This is Tritanopia. It make so a person can't reliably tell the difference between blue and green. It is very much different from the rest of the examples, but due to some clever use of colour choice and contrast, it still works!

This final example is extremely rare, but is also the reason why I think you should make a tiny little change.That's right! Full colourblindness. Also known as Achromatopsia, it causes a person to see only in black and white. I noticed while going through these filters that this last one is slightly problematic. To be specific, the two bars next to Humusi. Both of the bars are usually very distinct from each other, but in this case, both have an extremely similar contrast/brightness making the bar fill seem effectively identical in appearance.

My personal recommendation would be to make the breath meter slightly darker, or perhaps later on to add a pattern inside of it to make it more clear that it is different. Maybe you might want to add this in an accessibility menu, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to simply implement this into the base game.

Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.


This is absolutely amazing !!! Thank you very much I loved it, I’ll try to improve the interface with shapes and patterns, it seems a prtty good solution, even for regular players <3


So, lets start out by saying that the card game is really cool!

Now lets mention the problems that I had with this game, as in bugs and the like.

So, I swapped characters, and upon doing this, my original character that I just swapped out of started to fly as if he had a moon jump hack installed. He eventually rested up on the wall, and that was then end of that. I even have a screenshot!

I then experienced the wonders of childbirth and immediately possessed my spawn and told the parent that was still on the ground to follow me. I ran around, started attempting to kill a duck, then my game froze. Darnit.

I don't exactly know what was going on behind the scenes, but I know I wasn't currently in the process of hitting the duck. I might have just hit the sprint button, but I'm not 100% sure.

I remember spanking the ass of the big purple statue for a bit (5 minutes) and maybe that caused some kind of value overflow? I honestly have no idea why the game crashed. The last public build crashed a whole bunch for me when I was crafting, but I didn't give that a shot yet.

Hum interesting ! I’ll try to replicate it but I think I solved the previous problems while building stuff. Maybe the realtime navmesh generation is causing some mess XD thank you for your feedback !!!


i cant seem to change the build set on osx

Don't you have a mouse to play ? I didn't thought about that situation actually, a mouse-less game :(


if i move the mouse wheel while holding down left shift, it just does the same thing as moving the mouse wheel by itself

Okay strange, strange. I will try to reproduce that stuff to fix it then !!! Thank for telling me :)


Got stuck! XD Next Features tab seems to be missing a Return button as well as not quite fitting inside the text box. 

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I don't necessarily understand the point of having a NSFW card game, when the rest of the game doesn't really benefit from its existence. Feels like a sort of afterthought, or an idea shoehorned in, in order to appeal more to furries and drive ratings/downloads.

Anyway, the concept of building your own empire/city with Rust-styled gameplay is pretty interesting in its own right. I can tell you're a fan of games like AoE and such, but of course you don't get to build things hands-on in those games. If this gets developed further I could see it becoming really fun, but I'm sort of iffy on the NSFW porn aspect as that'll severely limit the game's overall audience. Either way, good luck!


Thank you ! 

Well that's a really good point (about the nsfw stuff) and actually I started a prototype a long time ago only centered about sexy 3d stuff. However I don't want to make a porn simulation, but I also don't want to avoid the fact that the characters have to make natural things to increase their population. 

I think a card game is a good compromise ! For me because I can draw a lot, and for the players because I don't want to make a game centered around death and wars and it's still super simple. I'd like to add a tiny social dimension to the game, like befriending enemies or rising kids.

And yes you got me, I'm a big fan of AoE !!!! <3


Very fun! I made myself a little castle (all by myself as my follower was taken by the foxes :( ) but I found a weird glitch that if you sleep in a bed, pause the game, and get out of  bed while its paused, you can play the game at super speed!

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Thank you very much !!!!

That was a fun issue ^^ never thought it could happen and it's so easy ! Well now it's fixed and working fine (but running like Sonic was super cool though X'D ).

That's one less problem for the next udpate !

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I've been following each build of this game, and it might've taken me a while to get to this one, but I just wanted to say that this build seemed to crash on me quite frequently. While I'm building, Finished building, Breaking rocks, ect.

There's probably some kind of exception error rearing it's head, so if you could quickly crush that, that'd be great. If I had to make a wild guess, it probably has something to do with spawning in and destroying objects, or perhaps just keeping track of those things.

If it's important, I'm playing on the windows build.

Edit: I've also tried to redownload it, and double checked that I was playing the newest version. I even updated my computer and my drivers to see if that'd fix it. It didn't.

Also, next time you make a small update and increment the version number on the Itch page, could you also increment it on the game's start menu?

Edit2: I tried playing a bit of the game without crafting and gathering, and the game didn't crash on me, but I did see a couple of bugs.

1. I spotted an enemy talking to one of their friends, but their friend was nowhere to be seen.

2. I spotted the enemies spawning in around ten meters off the ground before falling down.

3. This. They were up there for long enough that I was able to position the camera and take a screenshot.

Hopefully these bugs aren't too hard to squish, but those game breaking crafting and gathering crashes should be looked into first.


Wow this is insane !

I'm currently focused on the sexy gameplay but I should take the time to solve a few bugs, these are insane. I'll try to published an update soon to fix as much as possible, thank you very much for taking the time to find these errors and telling me you're awesome !

Sorry for the inconveniences, I'll take more time testing the build from now.



"Well, hey, I can take a looksee.

Alright, well, I spent some time gathering stuff and starting to build a house. Got killed a few times, too.

First off, it seems the player and camera's movement has been changed to follow the character's animation a bit more closely. Unfortunately, in a first-person game, this makes movement feel WAY too sluggish and unresponsive.

Hitting rocks and stuff is much improved, though I had no idea where one would gather mud. It might not be implemented, I dunno. The resource inventory is a bit cluttered, so it might be better to change the resource names into easily-identifiable icons, instead?

Also, while I like how there's stamina for running and attacking (which works with the hunger system), it depletes too quickly and regenerates too slowly. That should probably be toned down a little, since most players will want to run everywhere since the walk speed is so slow. Or just make the walking faster and make the sprinting even faster, I dunno.

The game could maybe use some notice that food or water or sleep is running low, I didn't notice until it was completely empty and I couldn't regenerate stamina. Which, by the way, is maybe a bit harsh of a punishment considering how slow the walk speed is. Maybe if low hunger or sleep slow down regeneration instead, that would be better? As for the hunger and sleep bars themselves, they seem to be okay. They deplete a bit fast, though I assume that's due to this being a simple prototype/testing/demo thing. If the game world gets bigger, it'd be best if the player can carry supplies and such with them for a longer trip (though that might not be the kinda game this is gonna end up being, I dunno).

The building system has been WAY improved. I actually managed to start building a half-way decent house, with nice walls and I was even gonna add a balcony or whatever, though I got killed halfway through finishing it. It could maybe be improved by giving the player more information. It'd be nice to know how many resources it'll take to build something before I place it, and you need to let the player know they can use the scroll wheel to change the building they're going to place. Also, the speed of rotation when trying to rotate something I'm about to place is WAY too slow. Might be better if it rotated in increments of like 5 degrees or something, I don't think most players will want or need any finer rotation than that.

The NPC partner kept wandering off, which was annoying. My first few attempts, she would run off to attack faraway enemies and get herself killed. On my last attempt, After I made the first half of the house she was nowhere to be found after a few minutes, so I assume she got killed by enemies. I had built a second bed for her, too. :(

I do like having NPCs to take care of and to have watching your back. Makes a change from most survival games where you're completely alone. Gives you more of a reason to build a strong house and whatnot. From what I could tell from the page, you'll eventually start to have children and raise them, then you start controlling one of the kids when they reach adulthood and carry on your town that way? Cause if so, that's freakin' awesome, I love that idea.

Btw, I noticed the page said there'd be an AI that controls other tribes or whatever, does this mean the game might act a bit like an RTS but from the perspective of a unit? Like, you build a house and defenses and fight off CPUs that are doing the same thing? Cause if so, that's neato.

Speaking of enemies, fighting is a bit clunky. Don't really know how to improve it, but right now it's just alternate block and attack and hope the enemy is too stupid to block when you attack. Maybe let the player cancel a block animation into an attack animation, and vice versa? I dunno. I do like how they'd shout obscenities at you while you beat them to death in a robot voice, that was pretty funny.

Made me think, though, any plans to let NPCs that aren't part of your group potentially join your tribe? I imagine it'd be pretty neat to find some random stranger out in the wilds stuggling to survive on their own, so you're able to talk peacefully with them and trade or whatever, or get them to come with you and join your group? Might be a neat way to stave off "awkward extiction", as you put it, by finding an NPC of the opposite sex if your group doesn't have any.

All in all, there's cool ideas here, kinda just needs some work on general game feel and such at the moment. Oh, and the main features, of course. Keep working on the main features if you feel that's more important at the moment."

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I can get control of the enemy and command all enemies = D
It’s still impossible to pick up things if they get under water



Army xD

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Hum that's actually really fun ! I'll fix it as soon as possible thank you !!!!

Edit : I fixed these issues, thank you for your feedback ;)

Hey I tried this out via Linux it it seems to work pretty well, however I think I found a small issue with it. I can't seem to build anything other then the torch. Is there a button I don't know about to switch to other parts? I did try pressing every button on my keyboard to change it.

Hello ! You have to use the wheel of your mouse to scroll the building list :) and if you don’t have a wheel, I’ll add another option in the next update just in case ;)

Been a while since I've written anything here, but I just wanted to tell you that my inner lumberjack just spoke to me, and I became a natural disaster in Daggan. Half of the forest was obliterated by me and my axe before the red foxes were like "Hey man, you're cool 'n' all, but you're destroying our home!" and killed me and my friends.

Also, I noticed that the loading percentage stops at 90%. It's because when Unity loads a scene, it does it in 2 phases. The first one (The one you're showing) is Unity loading in the new content. The second part (The one you're not showing) is Unity deleting all of the old stuff out of memory and replacing that old data with the new data.

I'm not 100% sure how to get the loading percentage to actually reflect both phases, but a quick fix is to create a new float, and set that float to the result of
Mathf.Clamp01(operation.progress / .9f)

And then you can just set the UI piece that displays the percentage to that new float that you made instead of operation.progress.

This's all assuming that you're doing the loading Asynchronously inside of a Coroutine.

If that doesn't work, I'll eat my hat.

If for some reason that doesn't work, here's a link to a YouTube tutorial on the topic


Hello ! I'm happy if you enjoy it X'D
Next time I'll make the forest bigger (or harder to cut :p ).

About the loading bar I noticed it too. I'll try your solution but actually, I'm seriously thinking removing it and putting a looped animation with a lot of random texts like Hints and stuff !

if I manage to work enough I should be able to release the next build before the end of the month. Fingers crossed and kisses !


so, found a strange crash.

whenever I build a foundation (like, fully built it), whenever I scroll the mouse wheel to choose something else, the game just... freezes. stops working. dead. only thing I can do is press the home button force the game to close. not sure if there's any crash logs the game makes?

That's really strange, I tried to replicate the bug but no way :/ you're playing on PC ?

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yep. also tried it again and it didn't seem to happen? might try again in a moment, iirc when it did happen I was placing it on the edge of the river in the water, and when it did work it wasn't in the water...

will definitely check again, maybe I just got unlucky?

Edit: tried to replicate it several times, no luck. very odd. however, I did notice that when I hit E to build something, the game would often freeze for a second. no idea if that would be connected or not


Oh that freeze is still an ongoing feature. When buildings or big objects are added to the map, the navigation stuff is updated and sometimes a little freeze can occur. That's annoying but I'm still trying to improve this part, it's kinda important to allow the characters to walk anywhere they want or just being able to wander in a new house without being stuck in front of a staircase X)

But about the previous problem I'll keep searching, maybe I'll find out what happen ! Thank you for your feedback it's really cool !


While it is nice that you added in a new map, i think you should keep the first map as a marker in the road map of the game. Like once the game gets into its later stages, we can still go back to the original map to see just how far the game has come in terms of other maps and the design of those maps


Hum why not that could be fun ^^ I'll try to find some nice way to keep the older maps in case the players become curious


Since playing the latest update, I've found a few more bugs/problems, but I'd also like to mention that the fixes you made to Daggan made the game a lot nicer! Here's a few things that I feel need to be mentioned.

  • NPC's tend to flip around for a single frame every second or so when above enemies (I figured this out when I forced my buddies up a flight of stairs). Try locking their rotation on the "Z" axis as a possible fix, or go into the scripts and make sure no code is changing their rotation on the "Z" axis. Honestly, doing both probably wouldn't hurt.
  • Crafting text still says "(T) build a (Insert crafting structure here)". Just go in and add a "AB" to the end of "T".
  • Also, about the enemies!I like the adjustment to the amount of enemies, but they really like to gather around my structures. Probably doesn't help that i'm effectively using my buddies as bait. I think that you simply use a distance check to figure out whether or not an enemy can see a NPC and vice versa. Perhaps you should use a method that can tell if there's a direct line of sight, so enemies don't attempt to run up to NPC's they can't actually see.
  • Also with enemies, the moment they notice a NPC, it becomes their soul life purpose to kill that NPC, and they will completely ignore other NPC's and even the player, even if this mean that they will die. All of the enemies under my house were easily killed because they couldn't tear their attention away from my buddies who were on the top floor. You might be able to fix this by changing the Enemy's target depending on who's the closest, or even by changing it to the last character to hurt them.
  • Also, for some strange reason, NPC's tend to teleport upwards if there's a floor under them, and a roof over them. This might be because you've made their colliders too tall. Try making them slightly shorter.

That's about it! Nothing else is really coming to my mind.

Although those torches would look a little nicer with a few particles. They currently look like light bulbs on sticks. (Hahaha)

I tried to not mention anything I said previously, but this still turned out really long.


Thank you very much for your feedback and all the time you spent for it ! It's super useful and I'm happy you also enjoy the game !! I will fix the issues for the next update ;)

The main issues are about the Artificial Intelligence and the characters movements, two features I did quickly and I have to redo entirely, cause I don't really like the Unity's current AI "but it does a decent job for the moment ". The weird enemies behavior is surely because of their too simple detection system, it's still a work in progress and super dumb X'D but that's something I love to make so it needs an entire week to be done properly !

The next update will be available probably in a few days, if not a week, cause I have to add the survival system and the particles (like blood, fire and resource gathering).

Thank you again you are awesome !

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Edit: Wrote this before I saw that you responded!

Also, just a little comment here! I kinda felt like I wanted to help out a little, so I wrote out some code that would help out with the problem with walking off the edge of the map and falling forever.

It's not an extremely complicated script, nor is it long, but if you're interested, I linked the code here with a few instructions on how to use it.

I hope this helps!


Thank you !!! I will try, I want to add cliffs but a second inevitable barrier is always welcome ! 

So, a few bugs/problems to mention, and even a possible fix for each!

  • Alone by day 2. Both of my buddies were gone. First the girl, then the guy.
  • Quite a few too many enemies. When I finally died, it was because I got swarmed by 6 red foxes from the front, and god knows how many from the back.
  • Floor tile texture doesn't tile properly.
  • Grass follows direction of camera, including the up and down tilt.
  • Door is finicky.
  • Foundation hard to get onto, but this might just be because I set the height as high as it would go.
  • Camera is able to flip up and down infinitely.
  • Able to walk off the edge of the map.
  • Jumping off of rocks seems impossible.
  • "T" is a weird place for the crafting.
  • Took me a while to realise that the text at the bottom of the screen wasn't a tutorial.
  • Able to see inside yourself.

For the fixes!

  • For the first issue, try to make some form of UI popup that tells the player that a friendly NPC has died. Extra points if it mentions the NPC's name and how they died, just like how Minecraft does it!
  • Try placing a limit on how many enemies can exist around the player at any time.
  • Fixing the texture tiling issues shouldn't be hard. If you designed the texture to tile, then try checking the 3D models UV map.
  • Try locking the rotation of the grass in the X axis, so it stays upright.
  • It seems like the door needs to be pushed open by running into it. Try setting a button prompt to open it.
  • Now, I don't exactly know what kind of collider you are using for the player avatar, but if you aren't using a capsule, try swapping to it. Another thing you could do to help players get onto the foundation is to allow players to place foundation stairs next to a foundation piece, no matter if it's intersecting the ground or not.
  • Try clamping the up and down rotation of the camera.
  • With the map, you may feel inclined to place four large lengthened cubes to stop the player, but I've had too many issues with this approach. Just like the camera, try clamping the players position! Stop them from moving too far out!
  • Since it's impossible to jump off of rocks, it might mean that you're ignoring it in the ground check. Try adding it!
  • When I started crafting, my finger automatically pressed "Q" and "TAB". Try swapping the button to one of those!
  • Personally, I think that the crafting options should be inside a menu instead of written at the bottom of the screen in a way that makes it look like a subtitle, but you've already mentioned that you're adding menus later. Please let this be one!
  • Try moving the camera right in front of the character model's eyes. You'll also have to tilt the head on the character to match the up and down rotation too.

I know this is getting long, but let me add a few things!

  • With the crafting, allow the player to place multiple objects before closing the menu. Also allow the player to swap what item they're making without having to close the menu first.
  • Try making the character collider slightly larger to help with clipping issues.
  • Attacking shouldn't be used to destroy buildings. Perhaps try forcing the player to be in crafting mode to do so. Also I wasn't able to destroy the floor after placing it.
  • Try setting the attack range up on the player.

I know this is a long list, and it might be a bit of a headache to read through, but I hope this helps!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you, it's really impressive !

I’m gonna fix everything I can, some of the problems are temporary until I redo entirely some systems, like the movement, the UI or the nsfw. As you guessed some bugs are because a lot of stuff isn't implemented yet or only in a rough form. But step by step it's getting better !

I'll try to publish an update as soon as possible based on your review, thank you again ;)

I wanted to ask you if there is a chance to contact you directly for bugs and infos about the game. do you have Telegram or some sort? I would really like to help directly with bugfinding.

That's  a really good idea ! You can contact me on Discord Malerouille#6365
Be prepared cause you're gonna write a lot if you want to list the current bugs :p

Thank you for the idea <3 And for anyone else interested, feel free to add me too on Discord, even for telling how much you hate this game X'D

I tried playing the previous version a few days ago and today I tried playing the updated version... It is much better! Much remains to be done, but at the moment the game looks promising

Thank you ! I 'm glad you feel the difference ! I know these are often tiny steps but I'm happy it's visible and meaningful X) Don't hesitate if there's anything you'd like so see improved soon  or features than annoy you ;)

this game is fucking shit but has a potentional to become better than now (23.08.19)

Ha ha I agree it will be better, slowly but surely. And it’s more a prototype than a game :3 

Thank you for changing to ZIP

how far away is enemy villages in the game for us to rampage? also, although this is essentially a village building and defending game at this stage besides the obvious nsfw factors, will this game involve raiding, pillaging, and, i know its really dark, but rape of the enemy villagers? i know its kind of a terrible thought, but for people who want to play as raiders, be more barbaric, or just be the plain evil villian that would be a feature that is sort of necessary if they wanted more characters on their side. its a game after all, and some people just want to watch an artificial world burn

also, just a suggestion: maybe lower down the jump height. whenever i press the jump button its a little hop, but when i hold the jump button its like i'm jumping on the moon

Hello ! I agree about the jump it's like the current inputs, I have to redo it completely ! They're horrible but at least Unity released an alpha version of its new input system.

Speaking of being a villain, let's talk about pregnancy first in this world. Sex is a game and for kids you need to have a really nice moment for each involved characters. Let's say that sadness is the perfect contraception here. So to have kids you will need sex with consent and happiness.

So if you rape someone, his/her entire team will automatically hate you and they will became extremely violent. So yes you can raid others and spread chaos, but they will become kinda tough. Even those you didn't meet yet.

It's still a goal for the future but I already have a clear idea of the AI and how the NPCs will react. The main challenge will be to develop a smart IA capable of growing it's own village and build stuff on the map.

I fixed the jump problem. You have no longer access to the moon sadly :p

it needs alot of development but rather than that its pretty nice I like it

Thank you ! I agree there a lot of work :p

It literally took a split second to convert from .RAR to .ZIP

I guess the RAR format was an issue for you, I’m sorry for that .  I’m wondering why can’t you extract it directly ?

My official program to do so doesn't work, and also I've been looking for hours, and it turns out it never went onto the device...

Hellows! Are you currently the only one working on the game? because if so, this demo is pretty neato! 

There are 3 bugs i found

- WASD Inputs interfere with the "Press A for build mode"

- In a sex scene, you can "press E to control" multiple times, making the characters glitch out (They move back a little every time you press E) and if you glitch through the map, it will crash

- I fell down the edge. The earth is flat all along. :'D


Ha ha awesome ! Yeah for the map I'm currently making a closed one but it's a long task so I prefer to focus on the systems for the next updates (like for building stuff). It's hilarious I'm gonna try the sex glitch now X'D 

About the game you're right I'm currently alone, I'm glad you like all that stuff ;) As you imagine there's a looot of work and I'm focusing on adding the entire gameplay before cleaning all the systems (like the sex gameplay, it's super glitchy but it's just a draft at this point).

And sure I should find another input for the build mode, that wasn't smart !

Thank you for your feedback you're awesome !!!

Pretty good start. Clunky to move, the terrain is a pain to navigate, and the sex scenes dont work on any kind of incline... but thats all stuff that can be ironed out. The concept is unique and feels like it has potential imo. Please keep up the good work.

Thank you it's super kind and useful ! I'm aware of all this problems and all the others hidden, I'm working hard to improve the current systems, one by one X) and adding the missing ones too ! I'm glad you like it even if it's super rough !

Is the Windows version outdated? it is one version behind, but considering the other 2 versions were updated 7 hours ago, i'm guessing you are going to update soon

No it’s okay  :) I just fixed a minor problem while exporting for Mac and Linux.

Will there be female npc's?

Yes ! Actually there will be females and they can have children if you're lucky enough. I just need to take a few days to make all that part ! That will be the main way to grow your village !


Overall great game so far

Thank you I hope it will continue this way !!

This game have a shining future, I can't wait for new content.

Thank you X) it's super sweet !


can you tell me why the fuck is Z to move forward and not W and ASD? please change this because you just made your damn game unplayable. as a lot of people say "don't fucking fix what's not broken"

(1 edit)

I will do this sure,  Done :) you can also change the Inputs in the configuration menu before the game.

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