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Could you consider an Android version please?

Would you ever add a s#x gallery to this game?


No, that's not the point of the game UwU


Is there a difference between the steam version and this version of the game?

Nope, they're the same version!

How do you use the Forge?

Is saving a game not a function? no breaks

I haven't played in a while but now that the game it's on a 1.0.3 version, it says a lot, I can't wait to see what the game holds! :'o

I hope you'll enjoy it if you give it a try X)

A question before buying, are the allies only females?


No they randomly female or male. Same for the wanderer scattered on the map X)

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I bought your game on steam without setting my account to private, now all my friends know I'm a degen. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 10/10 I'd do it again.

I can feel that! I used my personal account as well to publish all my games on Steam UwU


I am a little saddened that this game will go no further. The art and concept are very appealing. Hopefully this won't be the last game of its kind, I'd love to see more combat/survival type games. 


I'd love to add more but it's just hurting the game now to add more content. But I'm still learning and hopefully someday I'll continue its story, but with better systems and all the missing features (like the save or a couch mutliplayer).
So yeah in the future I'll probably try to make a sequel of the game UwU


I'm glad to hear that. From what you have shown thus far you have the dedication to actually pull off the kinds of things that often prove too much for some devs. Cheers!


Hey I got a question, does this game still have M/M scenes in it?



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I have noticed 2 issues with my experience with the game:
1. Fortifications tend to be more of a hindrance then help. Stone towers don't work well because your units always hit the tower rather then the enemy they aim at. Wood towers work fine, but the enemies can just walk to the top and attack your allies. Placing walls to prevent monsters from reaching your akkies result on the arrow once again being blocked by the walls.

2. Even if allies refuse to destroy npc house when told, wood cutting allies will still cut down houses as they see them as wood sources.

It would also be nice if wanderers could also get a gender icon like your allies have.

I did very much like the concept and growing your population however. Hope either those little issues are fixed, or see a even more fun game made by you next :D

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Hey I really love this game, and I was wondeing if you were planning on adding climax scenes at all?


Hi, I just want to say that I really love what you've done with the game so far! Its a really interesting concept and fun to play. I will say though, in terms of gameplay, is there a way to stop enemies from spawning inside my walls? Also how far are you planning on developing this?


Hellooo! Thank you very much for your feedback!

Well I will not add more content now in the game, it's been a long project and I decided to end it and work on new bigger ones.

As for the walls, are you building close to the giant cliffs? They spawn on their bottom. I'll try to find an elegant way to solve the spawning behind the walls issue in the future definitely as soon as I have time for this UwU


Good to know! 

Is there or will there ever be any content exclusive to patreon supporters?

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Patreon supporters are in the game. They are the lewd Wanderers the player can meet while exploring the map.

The game is now finished so I won't add more. But I'm working on a new big game so... more similar rewards for patreon in the future in new projects UwU


If the game is finished, does that mean there won't be a save system or gallery?

I've only read comments on here and on steam but it seems those are two big features that are missing.


It means it's finished.


love your work,  was a long time supporter of your games, I bought the buddle on here just because the fees are lower. hopeful you to see more updates the game is a amazing, love what you do keep it up.

can't wait what's around the corner


Hello, thank you for your feedback I'm happy you enjoy my games X) 

About Daggan, I will not publish any more update forI have nothing else to add and I already spent years on this game. Now I'm working on new bigger projects UwU (in the same world though)

Why does the Steam version cost more lol? 

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Cause I need 5min to create a page and publish a game on itch and I needed 10 pages of forms, half a year of waiting, a 100$ entry fee, an entire library of commercial art assets and Steam many official reviews to publish it on Steam.

Also itch have the lowest fees ever, it's ridiculously creators friendly.

Can I get an activation key for this game and why do I need it :/

Only the restricted patreon versions require passwords. These versions are not publicly available and if you got it on patreon, that's also where all the passwords are.

if I subscribe, give me the activation key, send an me email ?

No, patreon is here not to get activation keys but to support my work.

If you want the game you can get it here on itch or on Steam.

It's literally on sales right now UwU


Alright, thanks for the explanation, I was just confused.

what happend to the old 3d models?  i am wondering what did happend to the old 3d game, and if you are making an seperate version of it?

No I just redid the whole game from scratch to keep and improve the more interesting parts of the gameplay.
As for the 3D art, that was absolutely impossible for me, a solo dev, to make a whole strategy game on my own if I had to do the sculpting, retopology, rigging and animations.


i feel that, working on a 3d film here... oof... keep up the good work :D <3 <3 <3

Good luck with your project!!

ah that makes sense, didn't know ya was a solo dev.  well good luck, and hope it goes well!


---what ---wonder----of----game!!  Its a thing that I ever dreamed of, in my fantasies. WILL BE POSSIBLE for you to allow to create also human characters ?? please, this is a game  UNIQUE for my thought, and for me will be VERY VERY GREAT to have humans in this game, nothing against furry, only are not my passion, but the game, is wonderful.

Hellooo! No humans, this is a furry game with a very specific lore and there's no room for humans. Though maybe someone in the future will do a human mod, that could be nice UwU

When is the steam on the shelf

i have my village away from the sides of the map and have it fully walled but the enimies still spawn right inside and start attacking me

Do you have any plans of adding drop shadows to the sprites? while I find the 2d aspect of the game. them having no shadows feels a bit jarring

Sadly I have no plan for that in any future :3

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How do i make a bow I built a blacksmith and how do you equip them to your villagers

The villagers already have the bow, you just have to give them the skills that require the bow for them to pull it out.

i'm currently planning on maybe getting this game, but i was curious if it had any gay or futanari scenes? or is it mainly straight.

It has a mix of many different interactions like gay, straight, lesbian, etc... 


i can't use paypal but i realized i can find this game on steam when i was looking for some games, so i bought it

I really hope you'll enjoy it!

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any plans for futa


Do you still have a Patreon account?


Absolutely! I just updated its url, it wasn't real clear UwU

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Are there any plans to continue to add to this game? If not, what would it take to get additions to the game? I am only asking because I actually really enjoy the game and would love to see even more of it.


Sadly, no plans to add anything else than fixes! I prefer to explore new projects, and maybe revisit Daggan's world in another game later.

For the moment I prefer to focus on learning new stuff and find new ideas, cause I was really limited by my own knowledge during my work on Daggan. 


Understandable. In any case however, I do seem to have an issue with enemy spawning, with enemies commonly spawning within areas I've built (much to my frustration). Is there a specific building that excludes enemy spawn? Also, I seem to have an issue with enemies randomly appearing in my towers (both kinds). I don't know if they are spawning there or teleporting, as having a clear path to the entry point of the tower may seem to prevent this at times. I would like to clarify that I am only trying to guess as to what is happening as I have no idea what is actually happening. If these issues are currently being fixed, I thank you.

That's a very annoying but known issue. I'll take the time to fix it, enemies should not spawn near buildings but... seems like they don't respect me UwU

Yo anybody got any advice to survive the night 6 fight? I've been consistently getting my ass kicked lol


You can produce lot of allies and walls to slow the enemies progression.
Or you can also play a custom game with longer days!


I have a question before I decide to purchase this game, is there a save feature where I can save my world so I can come back to the world after I leave it? since last time I tried it that wasn't a thing and it had me make a new game...

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No and it's not planned, the purpose of the game is just to beat the level in a limited amount of time UwU

I focused on the gameplay itself at the cost of a save system.


Excellent game so far!  There is a lot to it even at this early state.  A few things I would love to see is a save feature, and maybe the option to play as a trans woman.

Is there different types of allies aswell as animations?

You can find candlebolds and slimes hidden on the level if you are lucky enough. Under certain conditions they can join your village!

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Salut Malerouille ! Avant toute chose, j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais, merci encore et félicitations pour ton travail acharné et passionné depuis tout ce temps ! J'ai deux questions en rapport avec quelque chose que tu mentionnes avec ton dernier update, comme quoi tu veux travailler sur un nouveau jeu :
– Il était question, à une époque, de rajouter 2 espèces jouables à Daggan avec leur arbre de compétences propre (tigres et rats, si je me souviens bien ?). Tu as laissé l'idée de côté ? Je me doute sans problème que c'est beaucoup de boulot, surtout l'animation…
– Est-ce que cette version 1.0.1 du jeu ne sera disponible que pour Windows ?  Je me souviens que tu avais mentionné à quel point le portage et le débuggages sur d'autres systèmes d'exploit' étaient un vrai casse-tête. Je demande quand même car j'ai un sale ordi de bourgeois  mac. J'avais pu jouer à une version (ainsi qu'à la première démo) qui tournait sur cet OS, mais j'ai bêtement supprimé le fichier du jeu sans en garder une sauvegarde. Maintenant je ne peux plus télécharger cette ancienne version, m'envoie toujours sur la plus récente !

En bref, est-ce que ces questions seraient traitées dans une futur relativement proche ? Pas de pression hein, je comprendrais sans problème qu'après tout ce temps tu veuilles passer à autre chose et j'ai hâte de voir ce que tu nous mitonnes !

Bon courage et porte-toi bien !

Coucou! Effectivement, travaillant seul j’arrive un peu à saturation après 2/3 ans sur ce jeu donc j’ai surtout envie d’explorer de nouvelles choses maintenant. Plus simples à faire surtout ^^’

J’aurais aimé pouvoir rajouter plus de contenu mais le gameplay étant ce qu’il est ça ne rendrait l’expérience que plus confuse. Maintenant je préfère que concentrer sur les ce que je peux corriger/améliorer!

Quant au vieux prototype, si je le retrouve j’imagine que je pourrais le mettre en téléchargement juste pour le fun X)


I LOVE this game, it's great, REALLY recommend it.


A tall 3d bone sword man swatted the ground in a ground pound attack in the middle of some unconstructed training dummies I was placing, and he built them all in one swing. Funniest thing I've ever seen.


Wait whaaaat? X’D

uh, the patreon link is invalid for some reason

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Fun game! Played a free demo a while ago and saw the bundle / discount going on so thought I'd get it and give it a shot! Lots of stuff added now! Seems harder which is good! A few things I wish the game had though is the replacement of level 1 skills with the new ones since the default arrows can clutter your weapons tab once you learn one of the other two. I also wish there was a gallery section for the scenes that play or maybe even a sandbox mode where you can just build? I'd also like if there was a save mechanic so you don't have to commit to a long play session and can play a bit, quit and save and come back later and continue. "Healing" with your fellow tribe members could also work as it does with the NPCs where you need to hit 3/3 skill checks for the animation to end making it so you can't just have a 'quickie' mid battle XD

Some smaller things: Customization your starting off opposite gender partner would be nice along with being able to re-name or re-colour your tribe members? Perhaps have a pre-set section where the player can create a limited number of slots of characters and the game can randomly pick from them or you can do this while in game? Or have this as a building area you can create in game to do this? I also think all types of NPCs should be on the map at least once since I noticed some generations of them, some characters weren't there or perhaps have it so some characters come and go? Tribe members should also somewhat focus on repairing structures (especially the healing one or houses) and should not be able to destroy NPCs 'buildings' as it is annoying when they are accidentally broken. I also like but also dislike the fact you can hear combat from the other side of the map if your tribe is fighting and you're going around talking to NPCs (like having them train on the dummies while you get your freak on)

Overall though, still a fun and challenging game! Excited to see more of it and what's to come! (Hella suprised it actually read my super old demo version for my character! A very pleasant surprise! I also wish the male and female loadouts are independent though and the colours slightly adjust still when switching parts to colour)

What new is in 1.0.3 update.

Not much, I just fixed a few issues about the NPCs climbing roofs.


No fix about enemies, that going thru the walls and spawning in the village?


wonderful game, and I appreciate the new update!

Am just wondering if the game will get a save feature at some point? Multi-hour long games are a pain. 

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