New Artpack (+18) available :3

I realized, after months working on Daggan, now I have a ton of content to share ! 


I'm back on my comic "Nasha and the 108 deities", I'm doing a ton of NSFW illustrations for the game (in the same universe btw) and for fun I even making cute emojis ! That's perfect to make an ArtPack so ... here we are !

This isn't free, it's just another reward for the people who donate ! But it's cheap: 5$. And there's a lot of stuff in it as you can see :3


Oh and the next release will be published in the next days ! I'm trying to finish a tutorial level actually <3

Kisses, Malerouille


ArtPack (+18) 28 MB
Apr 11, 2020

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I for some reason can no longer download the artpack?

Fixed, I hide the artpack by mistake a long time ago and definitely forgot about it!


Thank you!