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If I buy this game here, will I be able to get it on Steam for free when it releases? It looks fun but I don't want to have to buy it twice


If you get it here there's no point to get it on Steam.

Plus these are two different stores, they aren't linked.

Buying the itch version is only relevant on itch.

Hey j'ai remarqué en regardant la config du jeu qu'il y avait un paramètre "VR".

C'est quelques chose d'implémenté déjà ?

Alors là j’apprend un truc :0 c’est marqué où?

C'est dans Daggan_012_PC\Daggan_Data\boot.config


Ce sont des features du moteur de jeu, Unity, qui peut permettre de développer des jeux VR. Je n’utilise aucunes de ces solutions.

D'accord je n'avais encore jamais vu ça.

En tout cas très sympa ton jeu, hâte de voir la suite ! 


I may or may not have blasted The Only Thing They Fear is You while circle-strafing skeleton demons with rapid-fire arrows. Great stuff.


Fantastic job so far with this project! Can't wait to see how you expand upon it!


if you get around to adding a futa option, i'll def buy

Bonjour, je suis intéressé par votre jeu, mais avant de pouvoir l'acheter, j'ai quelques questions, la première, sera t'il disponible sur Android avec l'utilisation d'une manette ? Vais-je avoir accès à toutes les mises à jour futur ? Quels es la durée de vie du jeu? Qu'est-ce qu'il es possible de faire présentement sur le jeu? 

merci de votre temps


Non le jeu ne sera pas disponible sur Android et ne supportera pas de gamepad. Acheter le jeu donne accès au mis-à-jours effectivement et, en fonction des joueurs, le jeu dure entre 30min et 6 heures.
Pour le reste les informations sur la page du jeu donnent tous les détails nécessaires.

DAMN! I haven't played this since I discovered it over a year ago, when it was just changed from what it originally was to the basis of the game as it is today.

I'm gonna need to try it out, but I have question first; If I buy the game, do I have to then buy every update as they become available? Because I've never bought a game on itch before.

No, you only need to buy it once


J'ai découvert ton jeu "just in slime" sur steam et il est vraiment pas mal, j'ai hâte de voir tes prochaines créations tu as un énorme potentiel dans ce domaine selon moi ! :D
Sur ce j'attend tes prochains jeux avec impatience et continue sur ta lancé ! :d

Merci beaucoup c'est super gentil!!!

Pas de problème ! :D
Petite question, comment as-tu appris à faire des jeux tu est passé par des tutos youtube ou autre ? Car j'aimerais bien me lancer dans ce domaine mais je sais pas trop par ou commencer, aurais-tu des conseils à ce niveau là. (désolé pour l'orthographe pas terrible :'))

Any update to the steam release? The store page still indicates a release date of March 30. I would drop the cash now and even consider becoming a patreon subscriber if I could attach this to my favorite platform.


I feel like something's wrong.
Playing the main non custom game, and the boss spawns.... and so does 300 little guys, and even if I break the portal he makes a new one...
I've been strafing, jumping, and shooting arrows at this man for 3 in game days, he's killed all my followers, Defenses were useless because he spawned the portal in my small base.
I just wanted cute sex scenes and some combat, not CoD zombies.





when will it be available on steam?

Looking forward to what you plan on doing to this game in the future.

Hello. Sorry to bother, but wasn't the game supposed to be released at Steam on Wednesday?


multiplayer? this would be interesting in multiplayer.


Nope, impossible UwU


any chance there'll be steam keys for those who purchased this and just in slime on here?? enjoying both games alot, thanks :)


No, Steam refuses anything related to outside platforms.


I love this game, NSFW + Base-Building? It's a truly brilliant idea, it even inspired me to add base-building to my own game!!! 

Thank you for making this, not only from players but from other devs as well!!!

Keep doing amazing work, you rock!!!


Oooh I can't wait to see where you're going with that!!!

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Lol, will certainly be an interesting ride, especially since I only ever did a base building thing for a timed jam long ago but I'm eager to give it a good shot, Daggan really inspired me to at least give it the good ole college try, >:3

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Holy poop, just realized you're the dev, sorry I suck at names, it's an honor to meet ya, thank you for making awesome games, :D


Thank youuu! I'm glad you enjoyed them X) I work alone so I'm everybody in the team! :3


fun little game, a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to unlock skills (honestly im still learning it, lol but Im old and slow.)  Appreciate the same sex interactions, would like a setting to allow same sex copulation to produce units (yeah it goes against biology and all that, but this is a fantasy game.)  Honestly though no complaints, money well spent!


You can unlock that in the game already! X)


oh i must have missed it somewhere! played around with it a few more hours after commenting here and really had fun with it.  Can tell there is still alot im missing, so Ill just keep playing and trying to figure things out.  Thanks again for the game!


May I ask when the game will have a save feature?


Never, so far the game is designed for short games plus it's strategy/procedural nature would be hell to make a save system. I have don't have the skills nor the time for it sadly.


Bought this game earlier today, played around 8 hours, great game. The mixed 2d and 3d art style works fairly well for the most part and the village aspect was cool. I do hope this gets more updates in the future!


Thanks for the constant work and updates!

Keep up the awesome work Malerouille!


how do you save your progress?


Alright, tested out the Waves difficulty with the new bosses and new AI. The experience is much improved and the bosses are great! I feel like I don't have to do all the work now. But the problems with the stone walls are enhanced here. The archers have a dead zone close to the tower, which is realistic and fine, so to avoid that the best shape for a fort seems to be a four pointed star. This is a more complicated shape with, you guessed it, more corners.

Oh, also I started decoding the tablets and I must say, these aurochs were quite full of themselves xD


Well Vauban would be proud of you (an old castle architect)!! Thank you for your feedback I’m glad you like the game X)


Heyo! Is there any controller functionality or straight keyboard and mouse only?


Well the joystick is half implemented ^^' I didn't have the skill to make it menu friendly but you can probably fight and move anyway

All right, thanks!


Could you add weapon condition system in future update?.


All my life ive seen people hate on this mechanic...why do you want it?


Agreed. Much better without an annoying durability system. I really love how it's treated as a skill upgrade instead.

It's not really the purpose of the game UwU




I have to agree :3

i had a free version of this game but i lost it do to recent migration


by that i mean stuff like game jolt getting rid of all games mature and adult 


is a linux version planned??? rly wanna buy but dont wanna gamble on whether it will work with wine or not lo

So far I have to optimize the whole game before working on any Linux or Mac version, so it's not planned before a long time I'd say, maaany months :3


I am actually surprised to see how Deggan have changed, from the beginning of it's demo to the recent updates. But I am kind frightened, will I keep the game and receive future updates on it if i buy it? 
for like... free after purchasing it?

Yes, you buy the game only one time UwU Even if I increase the price in the future.

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I hardly ever buy unfinished furry games, lewd or not, but you've convinced me, so congratulations are in order. Having played 0.11 and now 0.12.1, I like all of the changes you've made. Game feels a lot less grindy and gold isn't nearly as reliant on RNG as it used to be. I haven't played on Waves difficulty yet so I can't say anything about AI. Can't be any worse than what it used to be.

I do have a few mostly aesthetic things to note:

  •  0.12.1 feels less performant than 0.11, framerate drops a lot when I'm collecting a resource.
  • The stone walls don't seem to have any provision for corners. Building a hexagonal fort leaves ugly gaps, building a square one looks very strange at the corners. Please add something for seamless corners, or maybe change the stone towers to have a smaller hitbox so the walls can be pushed in further.
  • Team colors were a great idea, but if someone were to choose black as a team color things could get very confusing.
  • The cobblestone floor texture are less glitchy now whenever they overlap, good job improving that, but the fact that small rocks and shrubbery remains sticking of the floor out also looks bad.

I like this update so much! pretty much i focus at the villager, becuz final wave has too hard for explore the npcs ;w;, villager npcs still has sex everytime i Agh.. xD but i still check out more and enjoyable the update npc character! , Thx u so much for this update ! >//w//<

Oooh thank you that's excellent!! X) I love it!
I'm glad you enjoy the game and its new content <3


Will there be a free version or no?

Nope, I'm focused on the main version for the moment XD


Ok, it looks really good btw way.

Thank youuuu! I’m doing my best to make it cool and fun UwU


Your welcome, and take care of yourself.

when will the next update be?

In a few months, it's gonna be a big one so probably mid 2022 UwU


i have a suggestion for something in the future! Clothes coloring,and i dont mean just team selection,i mean changing the main shorts,and shirt style of color,maybe even allowing custom textures of somekind inside (though i do know that would be extremely argueus) but i digress,it would be really neat to have fully colorable clothes,or even dyeable in game!

The game is not made for this kind of system.
I need to draw each frame for each animation, it's impossible to make customizable clothes UwU

For the moment you can choose the color of your time and that's probably enough X)


j'aime beaucoup ce jeu, la dernière fois que j'y avais joué c'était encore un jeu de cartes, je suis content de voir à quel point le jeu a évolué, je viens de passer plusieurs heures dessus à juste créer des villages sympa, le jeu est vraiment plaisant à jouer, explorer et tomber sur un golem alors qu'on à que 4 personnage et ducoup tous mourir, c'était inattendu mais bienvenue XD. 

Et sinon le coté personnage en 2d dans un monde 3d rend très bien, mon seul petit regret c'est que il y a un nombre journées, mais je comprend parfaitement pourquoi c'est ainsi sinon ont épuiserais toute la map et ont aurais plus de but après avoir tout conquéris, et de toute façon le mode custom est là pour pouvoir créer des parties bien plus longue.

pour conclure j'attend avec impatience les futures mise à jours ( même si je suis conscient  que développer un tel jeu prend du temps ), je suis content d'avoir pu apporter ma modeste contribution en achetant le jeu et je souhaite bonne chance et bon courage pour le créateur !

Merci beaucoup c'est adoraaaable!!! Je suis hyper heureux que tu aies aimé le jeu X) Merci mille fois pour ton feedback!


only issue I have is the mouse keeps going outside the game and not being tracked, makes it hard and annoying to play.

Well that’s a really bad mouse we have here UwU 

I’ll try to find what’s causing that strange issue! In the meanwhile try to be gentle with you mouse…


are the patreon and itch version the same and get updated at the same time

People on patreon are my guinea pigs to test all the smaller updates that lead to the official big ones!
Also they enjoy many lewd arts, more ongoing or tiny game projects and my love :3

but same version mostly

I'm making only one Daggan if that's what you're asking.


would you make a sfw version, or add a sfw setting? the game seems realy fun, but i wanna play for the game itself and not, yk, furry sex

It’s not a sex game. Sex is just part of the gameplay. And yes there is a sfw mode to hide sex animations.


Malerouille is this meant to be a management sim or a tower defense game? You're doing a bit of both and I think you're going to have to sacrifice one for the other in order to proceed with adding depth to the game's mechanics. Tower defense is a strategy game and to facilitate the player being strategic they need to have very precise control, they need to be very sure of the outcome of their actions. Consequently these games tend to be highly abstract in order to reduce the cognitive load on the player, to let them focus on winning the game through strategy. Hence why in most tower defense games allies are either automatic turrets that you don't control you just place them, or just fodder you constantly stream into a meat grinder. In either case you don't give them orders or personally interact with them, you haven't got the time, you need to focus on what the enemy's doing how to counter it. Whereas in a management sim the focus is on the characters and dealing with their individuality, think Rimworld, you still have to fend off enemies but being raided is only 10% of the experience. 90% of your time is spent keeping your colonists fed, happy, healthy, entertained, choosing what to research and craft, deciding who to assign to what task, etc. Obviously Daggan isn't Rimworld but I think what's unique about Daggan is that you can breed your allies which could be really interesting to explore and I think it ought to be explored because breeding them makes the player immediately invested in them as characters. This isn't just cannon fodder #7 this is my son and that's my daughter and this is my wife and as the mayor of the town it behooves me to pay close attention to the local gene pool and to assess passing travelers for useful traits to add to it. In summary I want you to ask yourself this: Is this a game about fighting or fucking? Because you can have both but you need to pick your priority.

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