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I tried to build an open world that the player can discover without the aid of any minimap, notifications, markers, etc. Just a compass and a paper map.

The first few steps will be tedious and frustrating. You'll get used to it, and maybe you'll feel that joy of finding the next shelter, or spotting a rabbit hopping around, or even discovering small snow-covered memories.

It's gonna be slow and chill. At that's all we want making this game.

If next update:

  • proper stories in the guestbooks scattered on the island
  • better walk animations
  • chill NPCs to give you useless tips
  • some variations in the weather
  • better AI and proper sound effects for the animals
  • an itsy bitsy tiny paywall


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"Itsy bitsy tiny paywall". Your making a game, you can price it however you want! It's a good game and I'd say $10 would be the perfect price for the useless NPC tips.🤣

It's very kind X) !!!


So a SFW softh adventure, looks interesting :D


I did my best I'd say UwU

What does this mean?


No a single butt in the game! Totally family friendly (for once)


The game looks really nice but maybe fix the wolf legs please is looks funny how he walk and maybe (sarkain?) map to changes key M like map if you wanna cause idk what is sarkain in keyboard key but best of luck fixing keep it up!


Thank you that's very kind! Like I said it's a work in progress and the animation is already in the todo list UwU