Mini Meander

After a month of work, I'm very happy to introduce you to Mini Meander. My brother is into hiking. Like a lot. Exploring the cold wilderness of North America. I asked him what can of game he could want, and here we are.

What is it ?

Digging into my folder of old unused ideas and following my brothers thoughts, I made this very simple hiking simulator. No minimap, no markers, no notifications or quest log here. You must learn how to use an actual compass and how to find your destination on a map. If you learn that I'll be very happy! And if you manage to have fun exploring this tiny island, I'll be more than happy. Remember to respect the environment and move quietly, you may witness some big animals.

Next ?

I want to finish a few things before rising the paywall. I say a wall but it's gonna be more like tiny fence.  Like a stick on the floor you must step over.   Cause it's been a lot of work these past weeks to build that and a little something won't hurt in the end. We're talking about adding more lore and hide some secrets to amuse the curious explorers.

You wanna help ?

Right now if you really want to participate, please take the time to send the google form (link in the game, the Feedback button). It'll help me a lot to fix and improve the current gameplay.

And remember: it's just a very simple experience to chill and explore ❤

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Pretty cool

Thank youuu UwU