You're about to play a prototype.

Two years ago, around the end of 2019, I started to work on a furry game. It was a mix of 3D survival, base-building and sexy card game.

Since then I restarted the project from scratch to make Daggan, and I still want to finish this card game someday. So until then, please enjoy this sexy prototype.

Please remember it was prototype: it's hard, the UI isn't that great and not all the art is done. But I still love with all its flaws X)

Have fun!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
TagsAdult, Eroge, Erotic, Furry, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes


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I click run game but it doesn't load. Any ideas why?

You may need to install a plugin to run Unity game in your browser, I'm not really sure. Or try another web browser (like firefox or chrome)

same to me i did use firefox and chrome


honestly idk why you didint continue with it in the normal game i remember daggan having cards in it then i guess you removed them

my thought then was oh cool its a game where you fight people with cards and some of them are lewd nice

honestly i think you should maybe think about readding it to the game and make the combat based on events where you fight 2-4 people and we have both lewd and none lewd cards

two bars hp and lust if either hits 0 both on us and the enemy then well lust we become mentaly broken and hp well you know what happens there


Cards are very unbalanced and AI is so stupid, but I understand that it's prototype just pointing out that it's not okay and comfortable to play. 

Arts are great as usual in this kind of games, but I think I've seen some of them before and it's very suspicious. Did you just download them from the internet?

All in all, great concept but keep working hard - there're a lot of issues that need to be fixed.

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I made them. I posted them on my art accounts on internet as well.

I did everything but the music/sound effects.

My signature is on the bottom of all the arts UwU

That’s very kind of you to keep an eye on that ;)

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Nice to hear that they're yours. I can help you with balance issues and/or game design. That's all what I'm good for, unfortunately.


It kind but it’s just a prototype. I’ll update it if I have time and will for it in the future X) for the moment I’m onto other game projects!

So you abandoned this project for good, or there will be updates? 


I may go back to it in the future. For the moment I'm onto other projects UwU


This,is both fun and lewd, yet challenging, I love it! Looking forward to eventually buying the full game once it comes out.


Now THIS is a CARD GAME!!!!

Idk why nobody ever thought of this before! I'm so glad I decided to check and see if you had any other wips. This is so cool!

I'd definitely be interested in having this as a downloadable so I could play it offline on my pc or my phone. You've got some really kickass original ideas! Keep em coming!


Why you say nobody? I've seen this kind of card nsfw games before, it's not THAT unique.


Mind sharing then?  Or do you just exist to crap on devs and their fans?


Lmao, ask nicely and I'll think about sharing something to you :)

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Lmao!  That's okay, I didn't think you'd have anything decent to say anyway. You responded exactly as I expected.


Yeah yeah I've got you 👍 


game's good so far. only pet peeves are when the stack covers the orgasm bars and you can't tell how close one character is because their second orgasm numbers are also blocked and the other pet peeve is no music setting. i hope to see this game continue to improve

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When can i buy it?.

This version is a prototype, you can only play it for free in your browser!


The prototype is pretty cool.
The art is stunning.

If you want feedback my feedback is: 
Keep developing, I like what I see.

If you want to know where to focus atention:
The breath mecanic is not currently doing nothing, I didn't know it existed until I read it in the instructions.


The game is good and has a lot of potentials as a mobile game!

so this is going to be its own thing? also comic sans yay, at least thats what this font looks like my visions not the greatst though...


This is Comic Sans:

I'm using a google font called Bubble Sans:

The same font used for this comment actually X)

This is a really fun page to type on  :D

Wanting to try the game, but when I hit play game is shows me the box with the loading bar underneath and doesn't load. How do I fix this?

You may try it on another browser, I played it on firefox so far

Same problem, both from itch launcher and in browser.


Interesting concept, a little confusing at first but I figured it out through trial and error. Im not entirely getting how the cards that require you to have orgasmed first are supposed to work, they might be bugged? When I was playing a character who had to cum twice, I couldn't play those cards after my first o. Maybe it's for your opponent?  
I enjoyed playing it, but sometimes it almost feels like the AI is playing against me, seems like they favor playing cards that increase the player's libido and not theirs. (Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Analingus, etc.) which can make trying to lower ones own libido difficult. Also I had at least one game that I'm 90% was impossible because I only drew cards that increased my own libido more than my opponent. I drew out the whole deck hahaha. Also, the breath meter never really came into play. Most of my losses were due to drawing out or not reading the cards carefully or misunderstanding the rules. In fact, I didn't even realize how it worked until I noticed the numbers on top of the cards!

All in all, fun game, I liked it. Would love to see more cards / modes / characters / deck building implemented.

Yea a optional tutorial on the menu would be great headstart

I think that the cards with the orgasm requirement have the heart on the side of whoever has to have orgasmed to use it. I think in the prototype all of them make your opponent the one who has to orgasm


i played the demo and i really like it


can u make daggan free


My work means nothing to you?


that sort of people dont have any awareness for how much work it takes to make a game.


This is one of the best games I have played in this site, please continue developing it!

Thank youuu! ❤️


Very interesting concept.


im too dum to play the game but looks fun


Don't worry, without a proper tutorial it can be difficult to get it! It's the bad side of prototypes!


but its easy to pick up the gist of it, my first  game i understand that you have to mack a possible card to your opponents and be the last one to place a card, cant wait to see how it develops, but i can wait till you update it :P


I will likely work on the official Daggan to finish it and explore more multiplayer solutions in the future.

But yes I really want to make something more polished for this one someday.

I'm glad you enjoy its concept, thank you for your kind words!


Hey! I remember playing this back when it was still in Daggan! Still as good as I remembered it! Can't wait to see you finish it!

Thank youuu! X)


Cool game