Game made for the Mini Jam 55: Stealth. If you like it, leave a comment or a rate <3


Recruit investigators and install cameras all over the map to find the ghost.


  • Hold left click+drag : move camera
  • Scroll wheel: zoom in/out
  • Left click on the name: select character
  • Right click on the ground: move character


  • 2 levels (with higher difficulty)
  • option menu (quality, music, etc)
  • more infos in the tutorial
  • haunted objects (flying books and stuff)
  • more credits: Patreon, featurings, etc
  • my mental health

Development log


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Hey, I can't get past the screen with Igazella.


Are you clicking Next ? That's strange !


I think so? It might just be user error

(1 edit) (+1)

Also can't get past the start and honestly I don't see a "Next" button anywhere. Switching it to fullscreen shows all the buttons that are hidden though so obviously the size of the window isnt working correctly with and all that stuff is cut off completely playing from the tab itself.


going fullscreen helped for me