The first version of this game was made for the Mini Jam 53 : Oasis in72 hours., I then spent two weeks gently polishing the game. The limitation was: must have permadeath. If you enjoyed the experience, don't hesitate to leave a comment or  a rating !


  • WASD: move
  • LMB: shoot
  • Scroll wheel: change attack
  • Space: jump
  • E: activate
  • Left shift: run
  • P: pause


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Development log


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once you got the idea how to play, it's pretty easy to play. shooting darts are the best part. I thought it was melee attack haha.

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This is completely unplayable for me. Whenever I try to move, I shoot off at uncontrollable speeds, usually bouncing off one of the dunes and flying up into the air. I also don't think I'm able to drink water, even if I was able to reach a pond without flying past it.

Yes, I am on Google Chrome.

Thanks for your feedback :) I limited the velocity so hopefully no more dunes flights, I also tried Google Chrome and it was fine for me :/ I'll add another option for the controls sensitivity soon.


It's helped, still so fast that it's hard to control but at least I'm not flying off the map anymore.


I downloaded google chrome and now I can click on the menus and move around in game. 

The game's fantastic! I could see the player mechanics being used for a multiplayer 3rd person fantasy shooter game.


OwO thank youuuu ! I'm trying to improve the game, make it less insane and more player friendly ~ but a multiplayer ... hum ... tough but not impossible I guess ... maybe in split screen ...


Nice drawings and gameplay! Keep on!
Maybe the music doesn't fit, something more intense could be nice:) 


... wow.


Is good