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Will this be put into the Daggen game? or have you completely moved on from that project?

It will be put into Daggan 2, the previous one is done and I have nothing more to say or add UwU


cool thanks for the update. hope to see the 2nd game soon. :)

I'm actively working on it every day!!

Hey bro, I just wanted to say that your games are not only beautiful but also very well made, congratulations on the work and effort you put into them❤️🥰


The hit isn't very clear to me. when i tried to get pickup it would make both it and the one in front of it disappear if they were too close. so i don't know if i got both or one of them. 

Not made for mini view couldn't click the reset button cause it was under text. solved it by fullscreening the game. 

Slower pickup seems to reset on every level. i assume that's ment to happen.

if you get a life it stays if you beat the minigame. also you can only get one extra life at a time. maybe tell players the max number of lives they can have at a time.

After a certain level of speed it's basically impossible to get a pickup that's too close to the corners of the bar, so players would focus the middle part more.

Speed at level 4 seems too fast. Maybe if it weren't for the double hits i wouldn't feel so annoyed by it. since the ammount of times i've dead from thinking i need to double click to get another coin but both disappear with one click and at that speed it just kills me.

Thank you very much for your feedback!!! <3

A few explanations about the pickups and their hitboxes. The closer to a pickup, the more you gain from it. It you just touch the edge it counts as a miss, though it's not a endgame! Overlapping entirely a pickup maximise the gains, and it's important to anticipe the increasing speed and the latency of the reflexes.

So far my best score is 251. I'm still struggling to beat it but I can do it!!!


The instructions make sense, the gameplay looks very daunting! Took way too long for me to recognize the symbols, then it connected and was fun.

Thank youuu! I'm happy you had fun :D