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I got 172

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Daaaamn :l that's high, you almost killed all the enemies on the map.



I used both keys at the same time to do opposite portions of the map

Since you seem to play waaaay better than me at my own game, and playing the way it was intended, do you have any thoughts or critics ? Even the tiniest, I'm super curious about your point of view :D


it is a very interesting game but i think that it is too much focused on spamming and covering more ground

I think that there should be ways to get more time.

and also magic and ranged weapons would be nice.

also i think there should be melee enemy's.


Cool game with a nice art style. I'd wish there was an objective, though. There's nothing to do in the game right now. Maybe add some sort of score system? Maybe have the 100th room spawn the end and add a timer to see how fast you can get there?

These are just some ideas, of course! :)