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WOW, just wow, the addition of some details like the temporal advantages, a new characters, new lewd poses, VOICE ACTING DUDE, the improvement in animations like the crouching one, the new gamepad accesibitily, this is what I like in this new updates.

Please, just PLEASE, keep going with this project, I´m really starting to like it.

I would like to see a Daggan sequel with this kind of art and of course this cool 3D grafics.


Thank you! If you find any bugs please spam me! It's suuuuper hard to find any when working alone, I'm probably missing a lot of obvious ones :O

I'm really happy if you enjoy it! I wrote down the planned stuff on the main page of the game, and it's gonna take months, but I'm hyper excited about it!


Damn, that's getting interesting more and more! I'm so happy I can see the the evolution of this game from the beginning! Can't wait to see how this will end!


Thank you! I'm so happy with that silly idea, I really want to explore many ideas of NSFW multiplayer games and I'm kinda happy with this concept X)  Thank you very much for your kind words!


Yeah, NSFW multiplayers are very rare in our days, especially arcade one's. I don't think you're the first one, but I can't remember a single one so for me you're first one lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

WOW, I need a free sex mode in this game

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bastante increíble que puedas hacer eso en 2 semanas XD.

yo llevo como 2 mes tratando de aprender cosas básicas del pixel game maker mv y el aseprite.

si bien el segundo creo que ya tengo idea de como funciona me toca aprender el pixel art.

pero en el primero si ando crudo sin mencionar que un error aleatorio me termino borrado una pequeña prueba que tenia para ensayar funciones ,ahora que puedo creo una copia de seguridad para no perder el trabajo si algo sale mal

Well I wish you a lot of courage cause it's always hard to start learning! But once you're into it you'll have a lot of fun and do a lot of cool stuff X)

online multiplayer?


Nope, too complicated for a one-person-job, I'd need big team, big money, loooot of time.

what about peer to peer?

asking as I don't know how it all works XD
Having the host be the server in a sense so that it doesn't cost you? of course while that can create bad ping for people across the world it allows them to play without having to be in the same room?

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Same issue, it's still a loooot of work, you have to build the whole game for multiple computers, which is the work for a big team. And for this project I'm just one! X)

this looks cool, hoping you will build upon this, cuz the idea is really cool


Please bring me a version for Android


Malerouille, you must develop Daggan :>


I'm done with Daggan.


very very sad :<

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With game jams, its impressive if you even end up with a finished product at all.

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I made it alone in two weeks. The scope of a game jam is not to make a finish game but to experiment new gameplay, designs, moods, ideas. It's terribly exhausting just to make a game in months. Here I made a whole city district, the 3d models, textures, shaders, level design, code. You have to realize stealth games and AIs are also very time consuming.

I see no point coming and insulting me after I offer you something free to try.

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Excuse me!? I didn't insult you I said this game could be better and I know it will get better with new updates, of course the 3d and coding is exausting but for the moment I don't this game is fun enough, and yes maybe I usted the worng words to describe my opinion of the actual game.

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Thank you for your feedback, it's always priceless and it's not always that people take the time to send their experience and thoughts. I'm glad you didn't think as bad as I first thought, I misinterpreted your comment and I'm happy I was wrong UwU

I am and will work hard anyway improving all the parts you and the others disliked

Edit: I already copied your messages and added them to my TODO list


Just the pure idea of a split screen porn game is a really weird but also really fun. I really love the art style. and a spooky porn game is always fun. And i wish you luck for the continued Development


Thank youuu! I just wanted to do something sweet UwU


This game do have some potential, but it's rather alpha build right after all the tests. I can't say I enjoyed this game, BUT I belive after few updates this game can be very enjoyable.

My suggestions:
1. Make less enemies, but make them more deadly. I just run straight ignoring all of them, without realizing if I even take damage.
2. Make more locations (at least themes) with special enemies so players will count location danger, maybe adding some procedural generations (IDK if it's already in game, the city is a damn labyrinth).

This shoud be enough to impove gameplay for better impression. And some shit that you probaly don't need:

3. Obviously, better graphic and animation to make game more lovely for gamers. I mean, It's absolutely not fapable, sex scenes is awful. If you don't wanted to get this result, I suggest to add some gameplay to sex, like, plressing right buttons in right time or something. 

Thank you for attention! I wish you good luck in this and other games! Don't stop, consume critic, keed doing things you like!

Thank you for your feedback that's priceless! <3

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It got LOTS of potential, I like the idea but don't see me ever playing this locally with friends. Ante Grim got a cool design

Thank youuu XD I admit the lewd gameplay is a marketing struggle!